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Most Romantic Places in Guyana

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Guyana is the land of ancient and pristine rainforests. It also houses beautiful vast savannahs, many incredible waterfalls, and dramatic mountains. It is not easy to explore this country, but if you put a little effort into doing that, Guyana will reward you with some of the most beautiful and romantic landscapes. Here is the list of most romantic places in Guyana, the ones you can’t miss visiting.


Most Romantic Places in Guyana

Before you walk into the enchanting rainforests, waterfalls, and savannahs, visit the capital of Guyana for a little dose of civilization. Guyana is one of the best places to visit in South America and Georgetown is a place that offers a bit of the lovely urban life in the country. The architecture of the town mainly consists of Colonial buildings that convey the story of heritages of British and Dutch. The town has some magnificent museums along with lively markets and some wonderful restaurants. So, you can stop over here for a fun-filled weekend.

Kaieteur Falls

Most Romantic Places in Guyana

Kaieteur Falls in Guyana is one of the most beautiful places to see in Guyana. It is situated on the Potaro River in the Kaieteur National Park. The fall is 750 feet high with over 3,000 gallons of water cascading down the sheer drop. It is almost 5 times higher than Niagara Falls, thus become one of the most ferocious and largest waterfalls in the world. It is surrounded by protected parkland which is also a great place to explore one of the most romantic places in Guyana.


Most Romantic Places in Guyana

Surama is one of the most wonderful Guyana attractions. It is situated at the 300 km south of Georgetown, the capital of Guyana in its North Rupununi area. This place has traditional Amerindian settlements and is enveloped in the forests of Pacaraima Mountains. You can enjoy both the native culture and natural fauna here together. Makushi tribe occupies the area, and they run an eco-initiative based on community. Staying in huts here is one of the most fun things to do in Guyana for couples and you can also visit the village, mountains, and savannah in a guided tour.

Kanuku Mountains

Most Romantic Places in Guyana

These mountains are yet another one of the most romantic places in Guyana. They are named in the native Wapishana language which means forest. Kanuku Mountains seems to have loomed out of the Upper Takutu grassland. It is situated in the Upper Essequibo in south-west Guyana. It is a symbol of their rich diverse flora and fauna. The fact that the lowland forests houses 150 species of mammals and over 60% of species of birds of the country, make it a major tourist attraction in Guyana.

Shell Beach

Most Romantic Places in Guyana

There are many places that can be tagged as the most romantic places in Guyana but Shell beach steals the show. It is an unspoiled Atlantic coastline. From March to August, it becomes one of the most beautiful places to see in Guyana because the beach becomes the nesting ground of many prehistoric-looking marine turtles. Among the most interesting facts about Guyana is that four of the eight most endangered species of turtles nests on this beach. Thrilling, isn’t it? This place is a natural paradise and you can get an opportunity to this rare sighting on this undeveloped seaside. You can’t miss being here and being so intimate with nature.


Most Romantic Places in Guyana

Rewa is a small remote village that is isolated from most of the world. It is located at the convergence of the rivers Rewa and Repununi. You can only visit the village through a two hours boat ride. However, if you don’t mind some jerks, you can also opt for a bumpy motorbike ride to this village. The fact that this village is a land of extreme wonders of nature and isolated, makes it the best honeymoon destinations in Guyana. Here, you can often spot the big mammals of Guyana including big armadillos, various species of monkeys and jaguars.

Iwokrama Rainforest

Most Romantic Places in Guyana

From among all the beautiful places to see in Guyana this rainforest is a must visit for many reasons. It is one of the last pristine forests of the world extending over 3,700 square km across central Guyana. The forest has camps throughout the area that allows you get into the heart of all the action that takes place here. Wandering around the vegetation, you can spot the wildlife that resides here. Or if you have a thing for heights, you can walk through the Iwokrama walkway that turns across the air through the forest.


Most Romantic Places in Guyana

This is a pocket-sized village that is located at the edge of the North Rupununi at the altitude of 95 meters. This is one of the most romantic places in Guyana on the edge of the vast savannah. Here, you can easily spot the wildlife and various species of birds. You can’t stay here overnight but there’s a lodge nearby that offers a very comfortable stay. The lodge also offers trips to the savannah and the rainforests nearby.


Most Romantic Places in Guyana

Lethem is a gateway to Brazil and this makes it one of the most wonderful places to visit in Guyana, especially to those who are crossing the border through boat or by land. The place skirts the Kanuku Mountains and the South Rapununi area. This rugged sweeping plain land is full of cashews and mango trees. It also houses many ranches of the local cowboys. Lethen gets its own charm from the sense of remoteness and low-slung buildings. It is also a good starting point if you want to explore the savannah more.


Most Romantic Places in Guyana

One of the fun facts about Guyana is that Dadanawa is 1,700 square miles where 6,000 cattle roam free. And this makes it one of the most romantic places in Guyana. Here the cowboys attempt to tame the wild horses and handle the anacondas. This is where most of the wildlife videos are filmed and the researchers and scientists come together to study the local ecosystem. Here, you can enjoy the life and work of a farm along with going on the bird watching expeditions. Here you can also learn about the ancient process of leather tanning.

There are many couple only places in Guyana, and the more you explore this relatively lesser explored destination, the closer you will find yourself to nature and its wonders.

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