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Most Romantic Places in Belgium

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Belgium is the perfect gateway for couples who are extremely in love and want to spend some quality time with each other away from the regular busy lives. The ethnicity and the culture of Belgium draws people to Belgium. It has quite a good number of restaurants and cafes where couples can get a taste of the Belgium cuisine which tastes heavenly. Belgium is not such a big town situated in Europe. Couples can find cosy surroundings  in Belgium and they can snuggle up in a room and spend some of the best times of their lives. There are numerous things to do in Belgium for couples and lovers. The town of Belgium is more of homely and traditional nature and the density and the scenic views of Belgium makes it a must visit place for lovers. Question arises as to where to go in Belgium? You don’t have to worry at all!

Most romantic places in Belgium

Below are the Most romantic places in Belgium

Grand Place in Brussels

Most romantic places in Belgium

What to do for couples in Brussels? One of the most fantastic destination for lovers in Brussels is the Grand Place where they can take a stroll hand in hand and enjoy some romantic moments. Belgium is a very ancient city and the gothic and baroque structures in the Grand Place is a proof of it. Many buildings present there are decorated with gold leaf. A stroll along the Grand Place feels calm and serene. Lovers can sit down on the lawn and have some romantic talks. There are many street level cafes located nearby and lovers can visit these cafes and order dishes which are loved by their partners. Lovers can also indulge in passionate kissing in the lawns and parks located nearby. Grand Place is one of the things to see in Brussels.

Castle of counts

Most romantic places in Belgium

What can be more romantic that visiting a perfume making factory? Sweet fragrance is made at the Delforge Perfumery located at the Castle of Counts. The Perfumery is huge and lovers can take a visit to the place. The whole factory is located in a very calm and quiet part and lovers can get their partner’s favourite perfumes. They can use it when having physical intimacy with their partners. The castle of counts fall in Belgium sightseeing places for couples. You can also find a gift shop located nearby from where you can buy gifts for your lover.

Hot air balloon rides

Most romantic places in Belgium

Belgium is famous for the hot air balloon rides that it provides in many places. If you are getting worried about what to do in Belgium, then you should definitely try out the hot air balloon rides. It’s quite romantic and pleasing to the heart. Lovers can wear their partner’s favourite dresses, put on a great perfume and go on a ride in the air balloon. They can even have mild sex up in the sky or they can make out as much as they want to and make their relation even more stronger. Many couples celebrate their anniversaries on the hot air balloons. This is one of the best places to visit in Belgium.

Castles of Wallonia

Most romantic places in Belgium

If you want to feel the romance in a fairytale style, then the castles of Wallonia is the perfect place for lovers to visit. The castles are designed in a rustic style and the castles have been converted into fancy hotels. These castles are a honeymoon attraction for couples in Belgium. The place just seems like the a dream where lovers can spend some close times with each other. Sit on the gardens, gently lip lock with your lovers which can turn into make outs and also passionate sex.

Galleries Royal St. Hubert

Most romantic places in Belgium

Lovers do want to involve themselves in shopping and buying some really unique and beautiful gifts for their lovers. The Galleries Royal, St. Hubert is one of the oldest shopping areas located in Europe and you can find expensive things like leather bags, jewellery, toys, etc. Buy your partner a gift which they find interesting and please them with your charm and personality. The Galleries Royal fall in things to see in Belgium.

Mary Chocolatier

Most romantic places in Belgium

Belgium is famous for chocolates and lovers can get a chance to learn about chocolate making process in the famous city of Brussels. Mary Chocolatier  of Brussels is the main factory of chocolate making where people get a history of the various ingredients used in making the chocolates and the entire process used in the chocolate making process. Lovers can buy chocolates for each other and then share it with warm and comforting hands. The entire place is so beautiful and amazing that you will instantly fall in love with the place. It is one of the things to see in Brussels.

Montaigle Castle ruins

Most romantic places in Belgium

The Montaigle castle is settled in a hill top and looks quite romantic. The ruins are kept in the most preserved form. Lovers can see the entire place and they can loosen themselves in the place and make out.

Belgium has some of the most romantic boutique hotels where lovers can spend most of their times. They can make out which can eventually turn out into physical intimacy. The rooms of the hotels are done in such a fine and romantic manner that lovers won’t be able to stop themselves. At first, partners can wear something that is loved by their partners, put on a great perfume and dim the lights to create the right mood. After kissing passionately, they can indulge themselves in sex and give the best pleasure to each other. Some of such hotels are Pand Hotel Small Luxury Hotel, Odette En Ville, etc. The decorum of the hotels are amazing and feels just out of the world. There are some amazing restaurants in Belgium where couples can spend their evenings. They can plan out a late night candle light dinner and hand in hand , they can spend their time at the Most romantic places in Belgium. Belgium is so beautiful that you won’t get enough of it. For lovers, Belgium is similar to heaven! Get the best of Belgium and enjoy the most of yourselves.

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