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We have read about the historical importance of the Balkans region during wars. It is blessed with nature’s best mountain ranges and flat plateau regions, literally giving it a depiction of heaven...

Finding a few lustrous beaches with white sand and blue waters is similar to having paradise found. Beaches are not just the beautiful curvy coast-line of a gigantic sea, but are also the grounds for colourful wildlife, exquisite greenery, romantic getaways and luxurious stay at the sea-side. Adding some water-adventures, sports, sea-diving, beach-games, or simply enjoying the sun, sun-bathing near the sea-side makes the entire experience unforgettable for a lifetime. All one wants to know is – which are the best beaches in the world!

But, with increasing demand of tourism around beautiful beaches in the world, finding less-touched and most beautiful beaches of the world offering solitude, or finding a beach with night-life to enjoy vacations is a tough job. Some seasons make some beaches great for visitors, while some seasons aren’t. Some beaches have a lot of crowd round-the-year, while some are still deserted beauties.

Most of the individuals seek the shelter of a sea-beach for rejuvenation, and each one has a different concept of relaxation. For one, a beach with lot of crowd playing in the waters and a bright party-life makes the vacation memorable, while for some a candle-light meal at a lonely beach gets the romance on.

We understand the variety of choices people have in terms of planning vacations at sea-beaches, and keeping that in mind, we have put together a giant list of reviews of worlds exotic beaches, that would turn your nerves on, and would call for your next trip with friends or family, or romantic vacations with partner. Tired of browsing rigorous list of World’s 100 best beaches, while every list of 100 looks different from the other? You may depend on us, as we have compiled our information from greatly authentic sources.

The crystalline water and golden white sand beaches of Baia do Sancho from Brazil; Puerto Rico from Seychelles, Grace Bay from Turks and Caicos, are some winning names of the top 10 beaches in the world list. This is just to give a glimpse of some of the most exotic beach destinations to experience greatly exotic beach vacations, while the list gets more extensive and focused as you proceed to find out the world best beaches that make your list complete.
Our world’s best beaches list contains breathtaking beaches that are irresistible, and call the visitors to make their moments unforgettable. Start checking out our beaches, and making your personal beautiful beaches list, and you would confidently tag ours as the best beach travel guide.

 World’s Exotic Beaches