Best beaches in Africa

Beaches in Africa

 Africa might not be among those having best beaches of the world, but they surely have some good ones. Also, the African forests call for a lot of tourists, who may find it a great idea to club the forest safari to a sea-beach trip to make unforgettable forest-with-beach holidays in Africa. The Africa beaches are great attractions due to the sunny weather, clear sky and different shades of the sea, due to variety of Islands around the coast of Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia and Tanzania.


Africa offers diverse moods from that of the solitude-lovers to the party-animals. If you love being surrounded by lot of people on the beach, you have a list of famous beaches in Africa; and if you love to spend some lonely romantic vacations in Africa, the white sand beaches in Africa give you that privilege as well. But, how do we figure out which ones suit your choices best? We provide you with the tiniest of details you are looking for, to kick start your other part of the holiday-planning.


Watamu and Diani beaches of Kenya, Nungwi of Tanzania, Chitimba of Malawi, Anse Soleil of Seychelles, Bazaruto of Mozambique, etc. are some of the top 10 beaches in Africa you see frequently while searching for the best beaches in Africa. But what makes them so flashed all around? Your list of beaches in Africa gets all messed up every time someone calls one beach as best, while other calls it average. You need one source to completely rely upon and we help you know the most authentic information. Africa hails for the diversity and uncommon beaches it has, and what would be better than having a virtual trip of each one of them, sitting right in your seat, and knowing which ones would make your holiday best till date.


The list of Africa’s best beaches is long. Some have a long deserted coast-line which is amazing to add even a bicycle ride, but how much does the boats and bicycles cost are all here in our details. Resorts for romantic getaways in Africa, to get a view of vibrant sea-waters, golden sand and the rich fauna around, and the availability of such elements in different beaches is going to help you shortlist the ones that suit your personal choices and mood of the vacation. 

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