Best beaches in Europe

Beaches in Europe

Beautiful clean beaches, surrounded by golden sand are what a traveller sees on the best beaches in Europe. There comes a time in the year when either one plans to have a lonely time with the partner, or take the friends and family for a memorable trip, and beaches are on the prime list for such plans. While taking advice from friends, or browsing some sources over the internet you must have come across a list of top 10 beaches in Europe or 25 best sea-beaches, etc. but despite that you are still confused about which sources really to rely upon. We have taken information from a lot of reliable sources, like taking feedbacks from the experienced travellers, looking at the travel advices from the trip advisors, forums and blogs, etc. to collect for you the most compact information you would want to know about any sea-beach. From famous beaches in Europe to backwaters for spending romantic vacations in Europe, you can confidently refer to us.


That’s not at all an exaggeration to state that Europe has some of the very clean, bright and lustrous beaches of the world, but that also makes it confusing to find out which of the best beaches in Europe would be close to you in distance, would have the facilities you are looking for, while staying in the range of your budget as well. Spain, France, Portugal, Turkey and Greece stay on the top of the chart while listing down some of the white sand beaches in Europe. These exquisite Europe beaches call for romantic getaways in Europe.


Spain hails with Platja de Sant Sebastia beach for those who love night-life near the sea, and with El Palo beach, for family and friends. France’s Paloma beach has half public and half private area for everyone seeking any level of privacy for romantic time near the sea-side. Praia de Faro beach from Portugal is great for those who love water sports, while Turkey’s Iztuzu Turtle beach is the breeding-ground for endangered Loggerhead sea turtles. With interesting facts added to the important information, we provide a gigantic list of beaches in Europe with extensive detail, to help you plan perfect beach holidays in Europe

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