Best beaches in South America

Famous Beaches in South America

Surrounded by Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea on three sides, South America is entitled as having wealthy beaches, tropical rainforests at the edges, mountains and hilly rocks at various places and blue sparkling water. Sea-lovers call South America beaches as one of the best beaches in the world, and hardly anyone would like to differ to this statement. Summer makes the southern beaches populated, while the north part of it keeps the beach-people busy round-the-year.


If you are planning to have a trip at some of the best beaches in America, you need to keep handy a lot of information, about the weather, eat-outs’ availability, accessories being available for hiring, crowd being less or more, and a lot of important things. Not every beach-condition makes every type of visitor happy, and to help you land in the right beach, we provide comprehensive and shrunken details of the most famous beaches in South America.


Uruguay, Brazil and Colombia are some of the king-cities and romantic getaways in South America to possess the best sea-beaches of the place. Which ones are the best beaches in South America? Are there any hotels around? What about some sea-side resorts? And if I am planning to take my family for a longer period of time, would there be any vacation rentals available? Some similar questions pop-up in mind while listing down things for beach holidays in South America. Why not check out our details and address each of these concerns. It’s more convenient than making numerous calls, and browsing tons of websites for just one reliable list of beaches in South America with details.


Surfing is additionally seen in most of the white sand beaches in South America, so you surely don’t want to miss on listing where all you may find them with the boards on rent and motor boats for water-sports. Diving is another attraction which is available at few beaches, and it is always a smart move to know about everything before landing up there and later modifying the plans.


Be it for sun-bathing, surfing, relaxing on the sands, or diving to experience the aqua-life, romantic vacations in South America or family trips need a vast planning based on reliable sources. Praia Dos Carneiros of Brazil, Lopes Mendes Beach again from Brazil, Galapagos Beach from Ecuador, Anakena Beach from Chile, etc. are some of the prime names from the list of top 10 beaches in South America that would refresh your mind and get your holiday-mood on. 

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