Discover North America’s 5 Most Exotic Beaches

North America is home to some truly breathtaking and exotic beaches that rival the best in the world. Whether you’re seeking a chilled-out getaway, sipping cocktails by the sea, or you’re more of an outdoor adventurer, North America has it all. So pack your bags and be whisked away by these 5 enchanting exotic beaches. […]

Best Beaches in Southeast Asia

More than half of the surface of the Earth is covered with water, which means that several landmasses on this planet are blessed with some beautiful beaches. A large number of the tropical sunny beaches with fine grain sand and palm trees are located in Southeast Asia. From white-sanded paradises to secluded coves, there’s something […]

Lesser known secrets and facts about the Oceans

The earth’s surface is covered by a large water body which is the ocean. Ninety-five percent of the ocean remains unexplored and with it a lot of natural features and creatures. Scientists and researchers have been endeavoring to map the ocean floor and study the creatures found in the depths. However, there have been some […]

9 Lesser Known Exotic Beaches Across The World

When it comes to beach vacations, most people think of typical destinations such as Hawaii, the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean. However, many lesser known exotic beaches worldwide offer breathtaking scenery, unique experiences, and a chance to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle. Here are the most beautiful and secluded beaches across […]

10 Important Tips for Mount Everest Trek

Mountain lovers, especially those who are obsessed with trekking and hiking, have dream of the Everest Mountain trek all their life. It is like a lifetime achievement for mountaineers. Even if you are not a professional, with optimal fitness you can go for the Mount Everest Trek and complete it successfully. You will need a […]

Top 6 Budget travel places in Asia

For all travel enthusiasts, the biggest hurdle to the path of happiness is the expenses. From transport to lodging, the expenses of a vacation can sometimes get really out of hand. But beautiful places do not always have to be extravagant. If you are good at budgeting and choose the right place, you can travel […]

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