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Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is a countryside which is situated in the Eastern Balkan is really exclusive and is presents a spacious range of wonderful romantic and attractive places for couples that freshly got wedded.  It’s quite marvellous that Bulgaria is still considered to be off the packed down track for Western tourists, because the country has a bit of everything, and all at very inexpensive prices. The Mountain slopes of Bansko and Pomporovo attract skiers in the winter and the Black Sea beaches draw the crowds in the summer months. If you are selecting your honeymoon destinations in Europe, do stay at least 5 days in Bulgaria. It takes the couples in their own world. This place has a lot to offer to the couples provided they utilize the time properly and take all the pleasures they desire for. These are the places that you should visit to make some new memories:

Plovdiv old Town

Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

It is the oldest and second largest city in Bulgaria. This place is exceptional and romantic, and without a doubt earns a place on the list of the most romantic places in the country; it is a lovely hilly town! Here is where you and your partner can take many great romantic pictures for your honeymoon photograph album. Enjoy the fresh weather and rejuvenate the passion with your partner.

Sunny Beach

Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

Sunny beach is on Bulgaria’s attractive black sea coast. Here your can do many things with you partner such as: enjoying the sea gentle wind, lazing on the beautiful beaches, clubbing all night long, drinking cocktails at the beachside bars or enjoying authentic Bulgarian gastronomy at the beach. Beaches are pristine and a definite place to stay near by and have some intimate moments together. Evenings at this beach is even more romantic. Ensure you do not carry your workload when at vacation and spend time with your partner.

The Rose Valley

Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the biggest producer of rose oil in the world, and there is a mouth long Annual Rose festival dedicated to the flower of love. You can spend romantic time with your loved once after giving him/her attractive roses.

The Black Sea Coast

Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

Visit the city of Burgas with its pier, which is now an iconic place for couples to share special moments. In this Burgas Coast you can have a glass of wine and then share intimate moments with your better half. Nessebar is another ‘pearl’ on the Black Sea coast where you can have your best romantic holiday. The glittering water sparkles and creates the perfect mood for the couples to get involved in passionate kissing.


Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

The cosmopolitan atmosphere in the capital Sofia may be a great choice for city lovers. The city has everything you need and even more. The nearby Vitosha Mountains offer great sunset views during summer and awesome ski conditions during winter. There are many places that will steal your heart and make you fall in love with the country and your loved one even more. Couples can sit down on the lawn and then make out in the dimming lights of Firewatch Tower. Enjoy the evenings and the hangout places the city offers. Ensure you have all necessary things with you before you check in back to your hotel like attractive clothes, condoms, perfumes and soft music to get involved in completely.


Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

Belogradchik Fortress is a manmade construction set against a stunning outcrop of rocks. The combination is so unique and picturesque, that it seems to have been lifted straight out of a Disney fairytale. What’s even more unique than the fortress is the surrounding countryside. The Belogradchik Rocks, named in 2009 as Bulgaria’s candidate to be selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, are a stunning arrangement of strange-shaped building material and multinational rock formations.

Seven Lakes

Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

One of Bulgaria’s main tourist attractions is a group of glacial lakes located high in the Rila Mountains. The appropriate time to visit the lakes is in the summer months, as even in June the lakes can be frozen, with the terrain alternating between deep snow drifts and patches of dazzling wildflowers. The lakes are located one above the other in a mountain valley, interconnected by streams and waterfalls. Access to the lakes is not easy, although riding a ski lift shortens the distance up the steep mountainside. Legends say the lakes were formed by the tears of a female giant, crying for her beloved. You can definitely enjoy the serene weather and fantastic view of the lake which can turn your mind romantic.

Veliko Turnovo

Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

Veliko Turnovo is a majestic city with long history and artistic culture. Being once a capital of Bulgaria the city is filled with romantic atmosphere no matter if you are walking on the Samovodska Charshia, around Tsarevets or dining in one of the restaurants overlooking the whole city. These are eyes appealing historic sites where couple ramble and create exciting moments at one of the most romantic places in Hungary.

Lovech Province

Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

Lovech Province, in the northern central part of Bulgaria, is home to various natural attractions such as Devatashka Cave, Krushuna Falls and also Botev Peak. Take your time and enjoy these beautiful attractions of Bulgaria! These places are appropriate for couples who are more on the adventuring side.


Most Romantic Places in Bulgaria

Getting away from the sea to discover this Balkan gem Tryavna can be the best choice for a romantic getaway in Bulgaria. Tryavna is a small charming town in central Bulgaria. Well-known for its lovely paved streets and stimulation houses the atmosphere in the town absolutely deserves your concentration. Book a neat resort and get her some seductive dresses to make the moment more romantic. Who knows you might end up spending whole night awake with your partner?


Bulgaria is an adaptable and off-the-radar destination for couples where you and your better half can have perfect romantic entrance. The atmosphere is romantic and calm but at the same time you don’t give up the comfort and opportunities the big city can give.

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