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Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic

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In the heart of Central Europe, the Czech Republic jingles up in a confident medley of Bohemian attire, Moravian charms and Slavic panache. The Czech Republic has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for many travelers who want something off of the traditional European tour path. It has many things which make a person fall in love with the city and its ambience. The list of natural beauties is endless. It’s perfect destination for couples to come to the city and engross themselves in the creativity and the sensitivity and uniqueness of the country. The towns burst with Baroque majesty, boasts eye-watering forests, cave systems and mountains etc.  All this results in a charming fairytale world of ” Europe” .Below are some of the best places to visit in the Czech Republic that are the best honeymoon destinations of this place.

Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic


Prague lies in the heart of the Czech Republic with its roots deeply planted in the region of Bohemia. While the lovers stand in the shadow Prague Castle, the time spent in that place seem to never end. In fact, despite the myriad of cobbled lanes aside the swan-flocked Vltava River, the love birds love to be here most of the time. Prague also has a variety of modern arts, food, and entertainment. History and world travelers agree that a honeymoon spent in Prague awakens your senses and your soul from within. A little heaven for couples as they can lay next to each other and watch the sunset together and slowly linger into the world of pleasure by kissing and then gentle and lovin sex.

Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic

Lobkowicz Palace

A beautiful palace surrounded by a soothing and calming ambience is one of the most romantic places. Couples should surely to stop at the east entrance to the Prague Castle and get lost in the unique history of the Lobkowicz family and traditions. With rarest of the rare music by Mozart on display among 22 other galleries. There is also a restaurant on site with a panoramic terrace where you can have the taste the Lobkowicz wine and beer which is the specialty of this place. Lobkowicz Palace offers a variety of shops to buying a unique gift for your lover. Be it a charm or a neckpiece or even a memo in the loving memory of your trip.

Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic


Moravia lies in the Eastern province of Bohemia. This town is more relaxed and warmer than other towns of Czech Republic. This place has large boulevards stretching miles across the boundaries. Having handmade chocolates along with a meal in restaurants available in the city. A town designed just to allure lovers in different ways. Couples can make memories and take away splendid moments from Czech Republic.

Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary

It comprises of freshly developed spa town with fur caps and gallop full Dior handbags, a delightful feeling for the ladies and of course their husbands. Wear a dress which makes your partner go crazy. Create a romantic and breath taking mood for your partner and make this holiday an ever memorable one.

Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic

Castle District

The Castle District is the best place for sightseeing tour .It’s a city within a city comprising of mazed shops, castles etc. Couples need some free time for themselves where they can discuss about their lives and bring more love to their relationship. Couples can get away from the bustle of the city life and enjoy in the countryside for some time with their partners. Romance is needed to bring a spark in a relationship.

Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic


Originally settled and maintained by the Romans, Olomouc since enjoyed a rich and vivid history, including a brief time when it was the capital of Moravia. Now, Olomouc is a quiet but lively student city with a number of beautiful and mesmerizing monuments and historical curiosities scattered around it. The Holy Trinity Column in the main square is another of the Czech Republic’s UNESCO sites, and the square also boasts an astrological clock to rival Prague’s famed Orloj. It was rebuilt by the Soviets as a symbol of love and compassion.

Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic

Mariánské Lázně

Another attraction that the western part of the country was once known for was as a spa destination for the elites. Number of people who came to Mariánské Lázně for their spa treatments, found this a suitable place for the love birds. One can enjoy a look around, enjoy the same health benefits and rejuvenation from the spas that the emperors and kings of the 19th and early 20th century did along with spending quality time with their beloved ones. . There are many sizzling hotels where couples can spend quality time and have sexual pleasure to each other with no one to disturb them. Couples can sit down in the lawns along the backyard of the hotels and make out in the dimming atmosphere.

Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic


Another charming and delighting little city with a few UNESCO-listed sites, Třebíč really doesn’t disappoint. The town center is lovely and calm to walk around. Since it is a Czech town, there are a number of pubs to get very high-quality beer, such as the Podklášterní Microbrewery. This is another example of a historical Czech town that is almost undiscovered by the thousands of tourists who come to the country. Couples who are in love with fabulous architecture can surely visit this place. Couples can simply take a glass of wine and linger in the ambience of this place.

Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic


The fifth-largest city in the Czech Republic, maintains the feel of a tiny town, perhaps because of the mountains surrounding it. The once-capital of the German region of the Sudetenland, consists of many of the buildings that are in a similar style to what you would find throughout the German. Everything just looks amazing from the top. This place is so tempting that it becomes difficult for couples to resist themselves from going into this town.

Most Romantic Places in Czech Republic

Lastly, for honeymooners, spring may is the best time to visit, especially during the month of May-June when the flora bursts and blooms forth after months of hibernating. Honeymooning in Prague during winter, will get experience that this city during one of the most magical (and decorated) times of the year.

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