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Most Romantic Places in Italy

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If couples are tempted to go to the most romantic destination on Earth, then they should plan their next visit to Italy as it is the hub of romance with soft music playing everywhere in Italy and couples losing their senses to the beauty of the place. Italy is more set in the medieval and romantic back drop with lakes, valleys and countryside attached to it. The seaside villages and the romantic alleys in Italy are just mind blowing and can make anyone fall in love with this place. Most beautiful places in Italy cannot be named as there are endless. Outdoor romance in Italy is what Italy is more famous for with couples dancing to the tunes of Flamingo and with it they plan for a candle light dinner with their special one.

Most Romantic Places in Italy

Below are the list of Most romantic places in Italy


Most Romantic Places in Italy

Romantic things to do in Venice are many as Venice is one such city which is famous for its culture and the life that this place has to offer. The narrow streets of Venice give a perfect location to be lost for sometime from the rest of the world. The winding canals and the gondolas are a must watch in Venice. Couples looking to rejuvenate their romance, Venice has plenty of places where couples can visit. Bridge of Sighs is one name that comes to mind when asked what to see in Venice. The Bridge of Sighs is known for the romance of an American guy and girl when they confessed their love to each other which makes this a romantic spot for couples to confess their eternal love.

Island of Capri

Most Romantic Places in Italy

Island of Capri is beautiful Italy Destinations. The secluded cliffs and the stunning beauty of the place makes this island a worth visiting one for couples. Some sweet scent do give more spark to romance and this island is full of fragrant flowers who just make the surrounding a perfect one for couples. It is one of the best places to visit in Italy for couples. The island of Ischia is nearby which is famous for hot springs and spring flavour added to it.


Most Romantic Places in Italy

Verona is the place from where Shakespeare took the concept of Juliet and this place is known for the character of Juliet. There is a statue of Juliet in the middle of town which is said to bring luck to couples if they rub their back to the statue. Romantic carriage rides are provided in the town or a stroll along the river side seem too romantic for couples.


Most Romantic Places in Italy

With grand monuments and luxurious hotels to stay in, Rome is a romantic gateway for couples who visit Italy for a holiday to stay away from the city life for some time. Must see places in Rome includes The Tiber River where thousands of lovers visit every day to view the beauty of the place. Trastevere is a colony in Rome which is famous for the romantic strolls of lovers. The narrow streets and the delicious pizzas found at the corner of each street just makes the colony a must visit one. There are many things to do in Rome at night. The place is very quiet and ambience is a gentle one. Romantic things to do in Rome include visiting the field of flowers where couples can get some time to be alone and take memorable pictures.

The island of Ponza

Most Romantic Places in Italy

With gorgeous atmosphere and landscapes, The island of Ponza is a less visited place by couples but the view of the place is just stunning. The sunsets are just incredible with the cliffs being so unique and different. Couples can easily spend hours in the island , enjoying water sports and chilling or talking to each other with a drink. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Italy. The place will definitely help to rewind stress.


Most Romantic Places in Italy

For newlyweds, Tuscany is one of the ideal spots for honeymoon. Honeymoon in Italy starts in Tuscany with the presence of art and culture in all corners of the city. Flowers can be seen everywhere in the place which makes the environment more enthralled. The visit to the vineyards make the place even more exciting and adventurous. Couples can get to stay in old type hotels where they can experience the olden days and enjoy the romantic environment.

Lake Como

Most Romantic Places in Italy

Lake Como is just a heaven which is made especially for Couples to get the feel of life and romance. The lake is just so serene and calm to take a stroll along the sides of the lake. The view is just so scenic and beyond imagination. For couples new in love, this place is a cut out from the rest of the world so that they can spend some time in a quiet and silent surrounding.

Amalfi Coast

Most Romantic Places in Italy

Are you interested to stay in a villa during your holidays? Then Amalfi coast is the perfect destination for you as it has many colourful villas awaiting just for lovers to enjoy their stay. Candle light dinners are provided in the terraces of the villas so that couples can get the entire view of the coast.


If couples are planning for honeymoon, then they should give a visit to these most romantic places in Italy to know what a romantic city look like. Italy is full of cosy hotels and rented bungalows where couples can spend time during their holidays. Umbria is also one such honeymoon destination in Italy which is in the countryside so that there is no one to disturb the love birds. Romance is needed in life and it is necessary to bring out that romance from time to time. Along with holidaying in the most beautiful places, Italy is also known for its food and shopping! Holiday can remain incomplete if couples have not tasted the special cuisine of Italy. Try out your partner’s favourite dish to make your trip more memorable. A holiday should be a sensual one with more love in partner’s relationships.

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