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Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

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Ukraine is one such place which remains beautiful and a grand place for romance in any season. The joy in the air when couples reach Ukraine is just fantastic. The astounding winds, the delicate trees that provide happiness to the lovers as soon as they enter Ukraine for  holiday. The romantic spirit in the breeze of Ukraine makes it a worth visiting place for lovers, especially during the spring season. Are you planning for a romantic trip with your lover? Don’t wait, as you can never miss an opportunity to be in Ukraine. Where to go in Ukraine is not a question to be asked as the list is endless.

Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

Below are the list of most romantic places in Ukraine

Tunnel of Love

Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

Couples should certainly visit the Tunnel of Love Ukraine and fall in love with their partners all over again. The tunnel of love is covered with trees from both sides and there is also a legend associated with it. It is said that if lovers make a wish from their heart, then the wish will be granted. It is one of the places for interest in Ukraine for couples. Newlyweds also plant seeds which symbolises their love for one another. The tunnel is located at a quiet place for those who love to escape to the countryside. Couples can spend hours sitting on the greenery and talking.

Fountain Roshen

Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

The Fountain Roshen is the largest flowing fountain in the entire Europe where the views are so grand and spectacular. The whole area surrounding the fountain makes it a must visit place for lovers. Lovers can get themselves drenched in the fountain and dancing together. The fountain is an outdoor fun for couples in Ukraine. It is a great source of entertainment for visitors.

Bridge of lovers

Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

The Bridge of lovers is surely Kiev attractions for couples. Thousands of couples come to this bridge every year and they in script their names on the bridge so that it remains eternally on the railings of the bridge. This bridge falls under famous places in Ukraine. Also, there are many padlocks which couples use to lock away their love on the bridge forever. The main significance of the bridge came into light when Mokrin returned from war after almost 60 years and then met his lover.

Island of lovers

Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

If lovers want to visit a place which is so peaceful and romantic at the same time, then they should definitely keep their feet on the ground of the Island of lovers. The island is an oval shaped one on the Ternopil Pond. This place can be counted as Ukraine honeymoon places. Lots of benches are scattered everywhere in the island where lovers can sit for as long as they want and fall asleep on each other’s shoulders. Couples simply don’t have to worry about what to do at night in Kiev when you have an island all by yourself to spend the night with your partner.


Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

Who doesn’t like sea beaches and walking on the sands? Yalta is one of the couple beaches in Ukraine. The gentle sea and the warm sands are also so mesmerising that couples can spend hours in the beach just hand in hand with each other. Late night strolls are very romantic in the beach. You might like trying some cozy dresses being here. Couples can take a stroll on the waters and collect sea shells which are unique and beautiful to look at.

Lviv Courtyards

Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

Most couples just want to get lose among the crowds and steal time only for both. The Lviv Courtyards are a place to go in Ukraine when you ask the question where to go in Ukraine. Away from the busy worlds and just the two of you, a perfect gateway to make love and exchange vows with each other. The courtyards are huge mansions which are just so grand and make couples get more lively and romantic.

Shoenborn’s Castle

Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

The castle is located in a faraway place from the city life of Ukraine. Couples can simply get to the castle and lose themselves in the beauty of the castle. Couples can enter the castle and get to know about the history of it. Couples can go for a walk and rewind their old age romance. The castle marks the medieval times with the architecture being so unique and innovative in design and style. It is one of the most beautiful places for couples to see in Ukraine.

Synevyr lake

Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

The crystal blue waters make this lake an utterly beautiful and heart capturing one. Couples would surely love this lake where they can sit on the sides of the lake and then lay in each other’s arms, taking memorable pictures. There is a legend foretold about the lake that it was made from the tears of Countess Syn who could not fall in love with a shepherd. This is one of the Best location for honeymoon for couples in Ukraine.

The Sculptures Alley

Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

The Sculptures alley is the single place in Ukraine which can make a person laugh and fill their hearts with happiness. There are so many sculptures in the alley made with bright hues where couples can go and spend some time. The art styles are taken from the contemporary architecture.


Ukraine is a great place to spend a holiday. There are many quiet and secretive places in Ukraine where couples won’t be disturbed by anyone. A romantic candle light dinner in one of the top restaurants, late night stroll in the forests are some of the exciting and adventurous stuffs that couples can try out. Love has its own language and Ukraine is the best city to understand the meaning of love! Do you have any other places to suggest to add to the list of most romantic places in Ukraine? Let us know!

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