Cabo San Lucas beach

  Cabo San Lucas situated in the Mexican city is an excellent place for people longing for recreation as it is a tropical paradise. This tourist destination is popular for its sparkling beaches, seaside resorts, scuba diving and vibrant aquatic life. There are lots of villas and small houses one can find here to spend […]

Beautiful Mazatlan Beaches

Mazatlan is a diverse city known for its food, culture, religion and architecture. This is an astonishing place where lots of fun activities can be performed as it is surrounded by excellent beaches and lavish resorts. These beaches are a sight to watch and enjoy sun tanning by lazing around the beaches all day long. […]

Acapulco Beach

Acapulco Beach is regarded as the home to largest beaches in Mexico and some of the best beaches in the Acapulco bay include the Caletilla, Caletas and Dominguillo. Many tourists are attracted to this place because of its nightlife and are well-known for its beach resorts too. Lovely beaches are scattered in Acapulco Mexico and […]

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