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Most Romantic Places in Belarus

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Belarus is a European country situated in the eastern region of Europe. This country is famous in the world due to its saint -like architecture. This place is a calm and close to nature. Minsk is the capital of Belarus. This place has a lot to offer for the couples. The most captivating places include surprising castles, family manors, magnificent temples and monasteries. This place also has many interesting museums and unique eco-friendly villages. The local people of Belarus are full of life. They are quite helpful as well. The architectural sites and the natures beauty is a must watch. While in Belarus, do indulge in the authentic Belarusian cuisine with your partner. Couples should wind their way through the castles and appreciate the various attractions of this place. Here are the best places of Belarus to be visited.

Most Romantic Places in Belarus


Minsk city is the capital of Belarus. It’s the political as well as the cultural center of this place. Not only that this place is also the administrative center for Belarus. This place itself has many small place where couples can enjoy their alone time. The calm industrial corner is among them. This is a grand place for lovers. It’s a calm street with its own industrial architecture. Two great cafes are also situated here which are indeed great for couples because of the ambience created here is best to indulge in one another. Another great tip is one should not stop at the beginning of the street as the most interesting part awaits you at the end.

Most Romantic Places in Belarus

Braslaw Lakes

It’s one of the four national parks of Belarus. It was developed and set up in the year 1995.thsi place has a unique ecosystem with a number of lakes (30 lakes approx.)The area also comprises of large pine trees. The Braslaw Lake is the largest lake in Belarus and is also among the most romantic place. This place is rich in beauty. Sitting along the rail of benches or sitting by the shore of the Lake and enjoying the sunset and sunrise with your better half is a must.

Most Romantic Places in Belarus

Mir Castle

Located in the Grodno region the Mir Castle is one of the most important tourist attractions. This place is also categorized under the UNESCO Heritage Site. Today this place is a blend of gothic and renaissance of architecture. And all this makes Mir Castle one of the most impressive castles of Europe. This place is best for the couples to enjoy long walks or even bike rides in the lap of nature and the beauty of this castle.

Most Romantic Places in Belarus

Nesvizh Palace

This is a National Historical and Cultural museum. This place has a diverse architecture and attractive gardens. The gardens are situated all over the place along with beautiful ornamental lakes. Watching the sunset view, couples can enjoy the street food here. It’s one of the most romantic places of Belarus. The castles of Belarus are rustic and natural. 

Most Romantic Places in Belarus

Brest Fortress

Brest fortress is one of the most important historic and visited destinations of Belarus. It was developed in the late back 19th century and became a key symbol of Soviet Resistance. One can pay homage to the heroes here. The place is a delight for the eyes and is beautiful in architecture. Couples who come here can just relax and sit on the stairs and enjoy the alone ambience if this palace.

Most Romantic Places in Belarus

The Victoria Square

This place was made in order to pay pilgrimage to the soldiers of World War 2. Many newlyweds while passing by from here make a point to stop here and take their wedding photos. A museum is also located under the square, which defines the late Belarusian history. Around the square beautiful 1950’s architecture can be seen.

Most Romantic Places in Belarus

Island of Tears

A little footbridge heads over the Old town marks the entrance of this place. The delicates of the sculptures present here are quite impressive. The best statue is the Lenin statue. This place was designed as a memorial for the Afghan warriors. This place is open space to go for long walks on the soft green grass. The small grassy island is a good way to relax in the lap of tour lover along the river side.

Most Romantic Places in Belarus

National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus

A big enormous hall where the voice echo’s and embarks the start of love and love related play and novels establishment. The National opera and ballet Theatre of Belarus is popular for the love plays that are held in this place. This place is so beautiful and majestic like few of other opera houses of the western world. The classic statues above the entrance are very high and enormous. This is a very affordable place for the love birds.

Most Romantic Places in Belarus

Black hall Bar

Nightlife of Minsk is very popular in Belarus. The place is expensive though but it’s all worth the enjoyment had here. Awesome music, sexy dancing and enjoying together is quite relaxing. The DJ’s are very talented over here. The atmosphere here is spectacular.

Most Romantic Places in Belarus

Crown Plaza Minsk

Stylish rooms with refined dining and an enthralling nightclub. This hotel is one of the best hotels of Minsk. After those tired nights a full service spa is so relaxing over this place. The service available here is marvelous. This place is very clean and impressive. These hotels are designed for the luxurious stay for the couples. This hotel also has a personalized night club and casino which in mandatory as Nightclubs are the pride of Belarus.

Most Romantic Places in Belarus

Belarus is a place where one can spend with their loved ones and can experience huge range of charming and thrilling attractions that are among the natural surroundings. Couples will be amused by what Belarus has to offer them. Monuments castles, museums you name it this country will serve you the same.

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