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List of Best Caribbean Islands

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Whether it is the sultry summer or the cold winter, we are never satisfied with our own weather and always relentlessly search for exotic places to visit any time we can escape the mundane routine of our lives. Islands are one of the most sought-after destinations since they are small, can be easily accessed and have a bunch of activities for any tourist or traveller. Among many locations across the world the Caribbean Islands and Caribbean beaches are considered among the top beaches in the world. Before venturing into some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, let us know where is the Caribbean. The Caribbean islands are located in the waters of the Caribbean sea which is to the south-east of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, to the east of Central America, and to the north of the continent of South America. The Caribbean waters house a number of islands, making it one of the best island vacations in the world.

Below is a list of the 15 most popular Caribbean islands along with the best beaches in Caribbean and the best Caribbean islands:

1) The Bahamas

Best Caribbean Islands

This is considered to be the best Caribbean island for families and one of the best islands in the Caribbean There are a number of resorts, the most famous being the Atlantis. These resorts have activities for both adults and kids, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean islands. The beaches in the Bahamas are safe and at any time of the year, teeming with tourists. The Cable Beach is considered to be the best beach in Bahamas.

2) Puerto Rico

Best Caribbean Islands

It is a cultural island in the Caribbean comprising of La Isla’s history and the folk art charm of San Juan. Colonial towns, coffee plantations, restaurants and bars make the island lively by day and night. It remains one of the best Caribbean vacation spots as one can go scuba diving or swimming in Vieques’ glowing bio-luminescent lagoon.

3) Aruba

Best Caribbean Islands

The gorgeous weather, serene beaches, sea activities and kite surfing make it one of the best places to visit in the Caribbean. For the adventurous people there are a ton of water sports to be tried out and for the simple outdoorsy types, the wide range of casinos, restaurants, nightclubs make Aruba a must-visit destination in the Caribbean Sea. The famous Tumba music of Aruba must not be missed along with the Butterfly Farm and the Eagle Beach. All such attractions make Aruba one among the top 10 Caribbean islands.

4) Barbados

Best Caribbean Islands

This island in the Caribbean is one of the cheapest Caribbean destinations. It is also considered to be one of the best Caribbean islands for couples for a romantic getaway. Still, calm waters, soft beaches, affordable stay, clear blue waters of the west coast are in stark comparison to the massive waves to the east coast, making this island one of the top beaches in the Caribbean. The cruises and gardens add to the beauty of it making the best Caribbean island for honeymoon.

5) Grand Cayman

Best Caribbean Islands

Like other Caribbean beaches and Caribbean islands, the Grand Cayman is also surrounded by cool clear waters and lined with golden beaches ideal for lazing about in the sun or getting a rich tan, making it one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The busy docks signal a bustling trade point but as one goes away from them, peace and quiet is all he can experience. A number of excellent spas and massage services cater to the tourists anywhere on the island. The Cayman islands are also a haven for shoppers with duty-free shopping and one can cut a great deal for watches, jewellery, etc., which gives it the distinction of being one of the cheapest Caribbean islands to live The famous Sting Ray beach and the seven mile beach are the main attraction points on this island.

6) Dominica

Best Caribbean Islands

This island is also for the people who are into adventure and love exploring. Dominica doesn’t have many beaches to boost or a chain of luxury hotels but it entices tourists with rain-forests, waterfalls, diving points and so on. It is one of the virgin, unspoiled islands of the Caribbean, thereby being one of the cheapest Caribbean destinations. Tourists are not deterred by the black sand beaches since swimming, hiking, kayaking and exploring the island seem more attractive to kids, thereby making it the best Caribbean island for kids.

7) Turks, Caicos and Providentiales

Best Caribbean Islands

The azure waters, glittering white sand, coral reefs are a perfect getaway from the hectic city life. The best Caribbean beaches are found here. It was left generally abandoned for quite some time but recent tourism have given way to the opening of hotels and restaurants but even so it is considered one of the quietest Caribbean islands to experience the best Caribbean honeymoon. The museum, Cockburn Town, Grand Turk are some of the historical places lending a cultural colour to this Caribbean island. Adventure can also be found here in the form of diving, snorkeling and kayaking. For the more relaxed travellers, private villas, spa resorts are also available.

8) Martin/St. Maarten

Best Caribbean Islands

The duality of the names come from the duality of the governments. While the northern part is controlled by the French, the southern side is Dutch. The seriousness is portrayed further by the fact that making a call from one side of the island to the other is considered an international call! What keeps this island apart from the others is the blend of cultures and corresponding activities. St. Martin is known for its quiet French elegance while St. Maarten is famous for its feisty and boldness such as casinos, active night life and adventure sports. The French Caribbean island is known to be a very safe Caribbean island. It is also a French-speaking Caribbean island, though English is also widely spoken.

9) Jamaica

Best Caribbean Islands

As it is widely known, Jamaica is an ideal place for tourists with a taste in unconventional music. Being the place of Bob Marley and reggae, Jamaica is famous for its unconventional music. New artists have added to this, creating their own styles and performances. Besides the music, there is a lot to experience in Jamaica such as the luxury resorts in up-scale Jamaica, adventure activities in the northern region and the Montego Bay which is known for its golf grounds. Surfing in the eastern side is also chosen by many tourists as the river rafting along the Rio Grande is chosen by others. The fame of Jamaica has led it to be accepted as the best Caribbean island as well as the best place to go in the Caribbean.

10) British Virgin islands

Best Caribbean Islands

A number of small Caribbean islands make up the British Virgin Islands and they are best explored by boat. Tortola, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda are some of the islands worth mentioning. Mountainous cliffs and changing tides on one island, delicious Caribbean cuisine on another, flat white beaches on yet another and exclusive hotels on some keep the tourists busy. The islands are near to each other and one can feel the environment changing as one goes island hopping. The hidden coves and unexplored beaches adds to the appeal of n otherwise highly-developed caribben islands.

11) Lucia

Best Caribbean Islands

This island has the distinction of not being labelled as any one type of island. The quiet beaches make it one of the best Caribbean islands for honeymooners, the Pitons and rain forests attract the sporty travellers, jazz festivals during spring beckon the music lovers and the lazy tourists can unwind themselves on the long beaches without a care in the world. The other main attraction is the Sulphur Springs where one can enjoy a volcanic mud bath. It holds the reputation of being the best Caribbean island for many travellers.

12) U.S. Virgin Islands

Best Caribbean Islands

Located near to the British Virgin islands, the American Caribbean islands houses the best eco-tourism in the Caribbean region, with St. John being the liveliest. For nature lovers and adventure junkies, there are tons of activities. Nature parks, rain forests, snorkeling, swimming, underwater photography- all have an exceptional charm here. Other islands are St. Thomas and St. Croix. It is ideal to visit all three islands to get a feel of the quiet atmosphere on one hand with the happening nightlife on the other, with modern facilities on one along with the colonial culture on another.

13) Curacao

Best Caribbean Islands

The turquoise waters lapping against the pearly-white beaches, warm and sunny climate coupled with the reefs make for the perfect island destination in the Caribbean. The rugged landscapes, colorful colonial buildings make it one of the most charming of the Caribbean islands and also one of the cheapest Caribbean islands.

14) Trinidad and Tobago

Best Caribbean Islands

The southern Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago are in sharp contrast to the northern “elitist” ones. Brimming with natural resources, these two islands ate bustling with trade and commerce. Trinidad, larger of the two is more developed than Tobago which lacks the urban sophistication but its lush flora and fauna make it charming for nature lovers. This set of islands are the cheapest Caribbean islands to visit if one is on a tight budget.

15) Kitts and Nevis

Best Caribbean Islands

These twin islands are little known but breathtaking, nevertheless. The blackish-grey beaches, vast stretches of greens, Christmas carnival, historical places (Nevis is the birthplace of the U. S. founding father, Alexander Hamilton) and the spa hotels draw tourists in large numbers. It is one of the best Caribbean islands for families.

The above are some of the best places to visit in the Caribbean. The beaches draw most people along with a wide range of things to explore and do. Travellers differ on the best beach in Caribbean or even the best island in Caribbean mainly because each is different from another with respect to atmosphere, vibe, locale and activities. While contemplating which Caribbean island to visit, one must first decide the budget and members. The list of Caribbean islands describes the top Caribbean beaches in terms of which is the best Caribbean island for couples, which is the best Caribbean island for families, the ones  which ones are the safest Caribbean islands and also which ones are the best Caribbean islands for kids. There are also many private Caribbean islands alongside the tourist destinations. The best Caribbean islands to live may include Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bahamas known to be the Caribbean best beaches. However, if one wants to experience the Caribbean nude, Dominica, Tobago are the places to visit in the Caribbean.

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