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Meragang Beach

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Meragang Beach

If you want to enjoy a holiday, then think Brunei. Every place has something unique and lovely to offer. But the Brunei tourism has always been a great guiding force, so people are very much sure about their destinations when they go back packing to Brunei. There isn’t the slightest of hesitation in people as all their doubts are reassured. And the stay in Brunei is just amazing and a heavenly retreat. The tourism in Brunei is always trying to improve and making sure that every bit of your needs is well taken care of. They are also trying to attract different people for holidays and business alignments as well. The people in Brunei are so warm and courteous that you might not feel indifferent to them.

Meragang Brunei

The main highlights of Brunei tourism include sightseeing to different places. The beaches in Brunei are exotic and Meragang beach is one of them. The beach is like dream like, more like a virgin island; undiscovered. You might be left wondering why such a beauty of a place is less explored and happy at the same time that it is uncluttered and clean because of less human habitation. The beach is dream like, with the perfect blue skies and cool breeze. The beach is funnily called the Crocodile Beach but there are no such creatures lurking about so you can be assured of that. No doubt, Meragang beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Brunei.   


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