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Most Romantic Places in Canada

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Imagine getting up to a view of blue skies, green forests and turquoise lakes to keep you company. This can be a reality if you visit Canada! The population is less compared to the land mass and you can find clear, open spaces to just enjoy the weather or company with your partner. Canada is a country of exceptional beauty and can be a pronounced spot for a vacation with your partner for some memorable moments together. Many cities and towns are known honeymoon spots in Canada.

Canada is in the northern part of the North American Continent, widely known for maple syrup due to an abundance of maple trees. It is bordered by the United States on the southern as well as the western side. Most of Canada is covered by the tundra region and natural forests. Its major cities include Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, with English and French being the official languages.

Canada is a multicultural country and offers the privacy to couples for vacation and some one on one time. Below is a list of the most romantic places in Canada that you can travel to add or bring back romance in your life.


Most Romantic Places in Canada

Nestled in the Coast Mountains, Whistler is a part of British Columbia. It is a resort town, known for winter activities like skiing and bobsledding and is one of the most beautiful places in Canada for couples. The town also hosts Winter Olympic and Paralympic events. In winter it transforms into snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes and silver trees and is one of the most romantic getaways in BC, Canada. Fly on a seaplane for a Glacier Tour with your partner for top-notch views or caress each other while sitting in front of a fireplace in one of the numerous lodges dotting Nita Lake. In summers the whole area transforms into a place with wildflowers and clear blues skies, with snow-capped peaks in the distance. Go hiking or boating on a lake or have a picnic near the waterfalls. Take the peak 2 peak gondola and steal a kiss or two while gliding over the pine forests, with distant mountain views. You might end up with sleepless nights being at this beautiful place which will bring new charm to your romantic life.

Fogo Island

Most Romantic Places in Canada

Fogo Island is one of the largest offshore islands in Canada, it is characterized by blue seas and green rolling hills. Quaint, colourful cottages dot the land. Climb up the hills or take a walk on the trails surrounded by greenery and clean, fresh air. You and your lover can take advantage of the privacy and the views to the full. Eat a locally sourced meal while staying at one of the bed and breakfast places. Take a picnic near the seaside, watch the waves roll in while lying down and cuddling with your partner. Fogo Island is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in Canada where you can spend some intimate moments.


Most Romantic Places in Canada

Banff situated within Banff National Park lies within the province of Alberta. It has multiple ski resorts nearby and is surrounded by mountains as well as hot springs.View the Bow Falls or walk along the Bow River in Banff. Sign up for the snowshoe and fondue tours to relax with your partner or take a Banff Gondola to the Sulphur Mountain. Take in the scenic views with your partner while holding hands or cuddling. Visit the Fairmont Banff Springs, a historic hotel and get cozy in the thermal spa with your lover. If you visit at the right time, you can even spot the northern lights in the sky. Visit Lake Louise while riding on a horseback or take a snowmobile in winter and have some fun outside. The turquoise waters of the lake will instantly relax your mind and you can always take advantage of the intimate environment. Banff in Alberta is one of the recommended romantic weekend getaways in Alberta. You might like to carry additional accessories like condoms, perfumes and seductive dresses to seduce your partner.


Most Romantic Places in Canada

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is a plateau dotted by rivers and forests. The city has a mix of both old and new architectural styles – like the Victorian style houses in old Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum representing the new style.Watch a drive-in movie at The Docks with your partner or just have a steamy make-out session in your car. Have a picnic at the Beaches and walk hand in hand in the neighbourhood while taking in the old-world charm. Catch the sunset at the Polson Pier or some romantic moments at the Scarborough Bluffs with your loved one. Couples can also spend time at Lake Ontario, kayaking or indulging in various water sports.Visit Hanlan’s point which is an adult, nudist beach – one of the couple places in Canada, where adults have the sometimes-needed freedom and space. Toronto offers a wide range of experiences for couples who want to plan a honeymoon in Ontario. Roam around the places during the day and engage in love making in the night. Make it more romantic by taking your partner for shopping and dining, you will get it in return with love.

Niagara Falls

Most Romantic Places in Canada

Located on the western bank of Niagara River, in Southern Ontario is Niagara Falls. The famous Niagara Falls, as in the waterfall is also here. Although Niagara Falls attracts families more, the spot can be special for couples. Apart from doing touristy things, couples can book a hotel with views of the falls or enjoy a jacuzzi on the balcony with their partners. Get on the Niagara Sky Wheel and sneak a make-out session up in the sky with nothing but views from the top. There is the Niagara on the Lake twenty minutes away from Niagara Falls, where couples can walk along the lake, stroll through the well-maintained gardens or tour the wineries. Take a carriage ride and shop in charming little boutiques while there. This is one of the laid-back places for weekend getaways in Ontario for couples. If it has been a long time having intimacy with your partner, this place might help regrow the intimate feelings. Help your partner by seducing him/her and let the flame continue.


Most Romantic Places in Canada

Vancouver is a coastal city in the western part of Canada and it has one of the largest urban parks.We bring you a list of romantic things to do in Vancouver, Canada.Take walks and picnic around the Spanish Banks or on the many beaches that dot the shoreline. Visit Stanley park for a quiet walk while holding hands or go biking in the area. Take a sunset dinner cruise and enjoy the views with your partner. There are many campgrounds around Vancouver where you can pitch a tent and spend the night gazing at the stars. You can also rent a private carriage through Stanley Park Horse Tours and go riding in privacy. For those who enjoy shopping and dining, the city has a wide array of choices to pick from and it is also one of the best night out spots in Canada. Unmarried couples might like trying something cosy outdoors itself by stealing some love making moments.


Most Romantic Places in Canada

Montreal is on an island on the Saint Lawrence River and is one of the most romantic cities in Canada. Take a ride on one of the old buggies that run through the old neighbourhood or just sway to music during the International Jazz Festival. Hiking up the Mount Royal or relaxing with a walk to the Botanical Garden is one of the most romantic things to do in Montreal. Take a scooter around the city and hold on tight to your partner as you discover the city at your own pace. Browse through shops at Jean-Talon market for the best local fares and satisfy your taste buds. When you are on a trip, especially a romantic one, you might be like a free bird, free from normal work life and get more involved in physical intimacy, so enjoy all the moments being at this place.


Most Romantic Places in Canada

Lying on the shore of Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife is the largest city of the Northwest Territories of Canada. If you are visiting in the summer then you and your partner can explore the Ingraham Trail. Explore the trails and lakes that come along the way, without any intrusion from others or go whitewater paddling on the Tartan Rapids. Camp under the open skies or take a romantic walk along the Long Lake. However, the most attractive feature of Yellowknife is the Aurora Borealis. The city of Yellowknife has Northern Lighthouses that lets people know when they can see it. Best way to see it is away from the city lights. Camp with your partner on Lake Mason and have an undisturbed view of the beautiful northern lights while sharing a sleeping bag with your partner and snuggling. The northern lights and the lush environment makes Yellowknife one of the must see places in Canada. Your partner might like trying something new under the tent outdoors, so be prepared for that.

Canada is a nature lover’s dream and a perfect spot for couples that crave alone time only with each other. Get away from the crowd and get a chance to relax and enjoy the intimacy and freedom to canoodle with your partner amidst nature. So, get your passports ready and plan a trip to one or many of the most romantic places in Canada.

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