Grace Bay Beach

Located in Providenciales, on the northeast coast, Grace Bay is a world-renowned and one of the most beautiful beaches in Turks and Caicos. The beach has soft white sand, calm blue water and a barrier reef about 1.6 km away from the shore. The water is shallow, there are no lifeguards around and fishing and […]

Happy Bay Beach

The Happy Bay beach lies on the northwestern part of the island, between Bay of Grand Case and Friars Bay. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, known for its tropical climate. Surrounded by a hill on one side, it has a wide stretch of sand, green trees on the shore […]

Most Romantic Places in India

India is a diverse country with cultures melding and becoming something new. Each region has its unique colour and flavour and this makes each part so unique and yet sewn together in the same fabric. Many places in India are great for couples to visit and see. These are a must for your vacation list […]

5 Things to do in Las Vegas

When it comes to visiting Las Vegas, the image of neon lights, casinos and strip clubs is what comes in our minds first. But there is much more than what is usually perceived to be the best in Las Vegas. You could explore a variety of things in Las Vegas ranging from visiting the local […]

Most Romantic Places in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean. One can find water sports, beaches and adventures. The colourful food and culture are vibrant. A fun fact is that Bacardi rum is produced here. You can have fun with your partner in the most romantic places in Puerto Rico – a Caribbean paradise. […]

Most Romantic Places in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a beautiful Caribbean country that was inhabited by indigenous cultures for a long time. It was colonized by Spain and then got independence. The country has different topographies that make a diverse and unique place. Read in to know about the most romantic places in Nicaragua. Cerro Negro – If you are in […]

Most Romantic Places in Honduras

Honduras lies in Central America and is part of the Caribbean. It was home to the notable Maya culture before Spanish colonization. It is culturally and historically rich. Take your partner to this country for a romantic holiday and choose from a list of the most romantic places in Honduras. Copan Ruinas The town of […]

Most Romantic Places in El Salvador

The smallest country of Central America, El Salvador is flanked by the Pacific. Signs of prehistoric life have been found here and it has well-known other historic places. It had over 20 volcanoes, some lakes and a coastline which is 191 miles long. These factors ensure that you get some of the most romantic places […]

Most Romantic Places in Ecuador

As the name rightly suggests, Ecuador is a country that lies on the equator. It lies in South America and has the well-known Galapagos Island. It was also a part of the Inca Empire and was then colonized by Spain. It is a culturally diverse country with endemic species of plants and animals. If you […]

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