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Playa De Las Aguilas beach

Playa De Las Aguilas beach

This tropical garden that is spread over 75,000 square meters is an entertaining place for families to be occupied. The golden sandy beaches of Playa de las Aguilas beach are a great attraction, especially for the beachgoers to enjoy relaxing under the sun. The beaches here are surrounded by palm trees and the turquoise blue water is also a great attraction for visitors to relax on the beaches.

Playa De Las Aguilas

The Playa De Las Aguilas beach is 8 km long and is positioned on the southwestern coast of the Dominican Republic.  There are plenty of seals in these waters and not many visitors visit this beach. This adventurous place is worth visiting and this beach paradise is surrounded by white sand and spectacular water. This beach is very clean and the Playa Pedernales is also regarded as a secluded paradise that is perfect for swimming .And one can enjoy a boat ride here in this beach twisting through the rocks.

The Bahia park Pedernales Bahia de las Aguilas is a beautiful and breathtaking water park. It has 6 pools in the park and young children can enjoy their holiday spending their time in this park. It is a place one would love to visit again and again as there are bars and restaurants too. The plays de las Aguilas beach is a paradisiacal and marvelous beach that provides magnificent views and one can enjoy boating here. This remote and natural beach is located right in the Jaragua National Park and has plenty of vegetation growing all around making it look magnificent.

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