Sosua beach

The Sosua beach is positioned on a semi-circular shaped bay and is a perfect beach that is surrounded by towering cliffs. This lively beach on the northern coast of the island in Dominica Republic is astonishing and the water on the beach is calm and turquoise in color. It is one of the popular beaches […]

Punta Cana Bavaro beach

The Punta Cana Bavaro beach that is positioned on the east coast of Dominica Republic is known for its beautiful natural environment. The beaches here are lustrous white sandy beaches and the climate in these places is sub-tropical. The powdery white Punta Cana beach is a great charisma and that provides a silky feeling when […]

Playa Rincon beach

Venturing into the Playa Rincon beach is like exploring the biggest jungles and deserts of the world. This beach is the best spot for spending vacation with family and friends as it is safe and affordable too.  Children can enjoy horseback and swimming activities on this beach and it is a superb beach one must […]

Playa De Las Aguilas beach

This tropical garden that is spread over 75,000 square meters is an entertaining place for families to be occupied. The golden sandy beaches of Playa de las Aguilas beach are a great attraction, especially for the beachgoers to enjoy relaxing under the sun. The beaches here are surrounded by palm trees and the turquoise blue […]

Playa Dorada beach

The Playa Dorada is an excellent tropical beach and here the color of the sand is not white but is brown silica. This beach is therefore referred as the Golden beach and is located on the Amber coast in the Dominica Republic. These beaches are nice to relax and enjoy sunbathing and are less populated […]

Playa Bonita Beach

Panama City Beaches are the trademark of white sand and warm waters which attracts everyone from individual to families.  There are some famous beach clubs where you can eat, drink, and lie out on the beach. Playa Bonita Panama is the closest beach to city.  Approximately 1.5 hour west of Panama City along the pacific […]

Playa Boca Chica beach

Playa Boca Chica beach is a wonderful destination in the Dominican Republic and that is an exciting place for lovers of sports and party. This tourist destination has lovely beaches especially for sun worshippers and many hotels have sprouted in the Boca Chica beach to party and enjoy expansively in the lively bars. The Playa Chica […]

Macao beach

Planning a vacation in the dazzling beaches of Dominica Republic is an excellent idea. These beaches are among the best in the whole of a Caribbean Island. The Macao beach is a fantastic beach that is home to fishing and the glittering white sand around the beach make it look all the more attractive. This […]

La Playita beach

Beaches are a wonderful place to relax and get relief from all our mental and physical stress. Las Galeras is a place where you can enjoy seeing all beautiful beaches.  From Mallibu in the north to Redondo in the South, there’s a beach in LA for everyone.  Many of them are part of a unique […]

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