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Most Romantic Places in France

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From the mesmerising architecture to the history of French colonies to the culture of France, it has many things which makes a person fall in love with the city. The list of natural beauties in France is endless. France makes it a perfect destination for couples to come to the city and indulge themselves in the creativity and the sensitivity of the country. There are many much seen places in France. The rustic vineyards, the old style homes give a catapulting feeling to the couples to come to this city time and again. The bright hues in the city along with the people make it an amazing place to be in. Couples can certainly get the time of their lives when they spend some quality time in the beautiful city of France.

Most Romantic Places In France

Below are the list of Most Romantic Places In France

Luscious Lyon

Most Romantic Places In France

Couples who are in love with food just have to visit this place when they are in Paris. From different kinds of chesses to pastries, bakeries, delicious meals, couples can get it all here. Now, romance is incomplete without a perfect candle light dinner. Couples can come to some of the best restaurants in the area wearing their favourite apparels. However, you might like to try something new when it comes to dresses, during your visit. The little museums and quirky surroundings give a romantic feeling in the heart of France.


Most Romantic Places In France

You don’t have to worry about where to go in France when you have Troyes just a few kilometres away. Champagne is the king of the place being served in numerous restaurants. Troyes is one of the most beautiful places in France. The ancient towers, the hidden history of the place make couples come to this romantic city. The cake shops, glittering lights create the perfect ambience for couples. The place is cultural and is also known as a tragic lovers place.

Enchanting Paris

Most Romantic Places In France

When you think about France, how can you forget Paris? Paris is the capital city of Romance. There are many fun things to do in Paris. There are many dazzling hotels where couples can spend quality time with each other with no one to disturb them. From the Quirky book stores to the walking down the Champs-Élysées hand in hand is an amazing feeling for couples. Things to do in Paris at night are just in abundance with couples sharing a hot chocolate in a coffee shop. And even better, they can visit the Eiffel Tower which lights up beautifully at night. Couples can sit down on the lawn and take pictures which will become memorable for later years to come. You can check for hotels in Paris for your reservation before your travel.


Most Romantic Places In France

Couples who are in love with fabulous architecture can surely visit the city of Dijon. Pavement cafes are what this city is famous for. Couples can simply take a glass of wine on the pavement cafes and linger about in the place. The indoor market is one of the best places to see in France for couples. There are eye appealing palaces and museums where couples can roam about and explore the place.


Most Romantic Places In France

Anything fairy tale type is a must try for couples. An ancient city which is just known for its medieval architecture and the sizzling roads. Couples can book an ancient hotel for themselves where enjoy rich heritage and enjoy personal time being there. The gentle ambience of the town is because of the yellow buildings occupying the entire area.

Ile D’Aix

Most Romantic Places In France

A small island on the coast of La Rochelle with just natural beauty all over the place covered with pristine beaches and availability of sea food. It is one of the best places for honeymoon in France. A little heaven for couples where they can lay next to each other on the warm sands and watch the sunset together. In this way, they can show their attraction towards each other. Love in France is beyond excellence with romantic spots waiting for couples.


Most Romantic Places In France

Everything just looks amazing from the top. Sancerre is a small hill top town just scenic views so tempting that it becomes difficult for couples to resist themselves from going into this town. This town is famous for white wines which couples can enjoy along with a cube of delicious cheese. This is one of the best cities in France you can add in your must visit places.

Tempting Lille

Most Romantic Places In France

From tango dancing to buying a unique gift for your lover, Lille never stops to surprise lovers in different ways. Have handmade chocolates along with having a meal in one of the thousand restaurants available in the city. A town designed just to allure lovers in different ways.


Most Romantic Places In France

Watching the sunset from the hills and cliffs of the beautiful Etretat cannot be expressed in words. Couples can get to the top of the cliffs and enjoy the waves of the sea and spend some time taking pictures and talking.


Every vacation is incomplete for lovers if they don’t find a great hotel to spend their nights in cuddling each other. Couples can make memories and take away splendid moments from France. Walking down the wine gardens, having dinner at a terrace restaurant, these are some of the things that can please your partner. Wear that dress which just makes your partner go crazy. Create a romantic and breath taking mood for your partner and make this holiday an ever memorable one. There are numerous honeymoon spots for couples in the city of France. Couples do need some free time to themselves where they can discuss about their lives and bring more love to their relationship. Couples can get away from the bustle of the city life and enjoy in the countryside of France for some time with their partners. Romance is always needed to bring a spark in a relationship. Pack your bags and enjoy the the most romantic places in France we just listed above. Have got idea about some other places? Let us know!

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