Top 6 Travel Destinations in France Not to be Missed

France, a country synonymous with rich culture, fascinating history, delectable cuisine, and stunning landscapes, remains one of the most visited places worldwide. When planning your trip, you might be tempted to stick to the well-trodden path of Paris and Nice. While these are undoubtedly impressive, France has much more to offer. Here are the top […]

5 Beautiful places to visit in France with kids

If you are planning a trip to Europe with your family, one of the places you cannot miss is France. From natural beauty to rich history- France has a lot to offer for every type of tourist. But especially if you are here with kids, there are many beautiful places to go in France. Adventurous, […]

Most Romantic Places in France

From the mesmerising architecture to the history of French colonies to the culture of France, it has many things which makes a person fall in love with the city. The list of natural beauties in France is endless. France makes it a perfect destination for couples to come to the city and indulge themselves in […]

Plage des Salines

When it comes to the sea and islands, the Guadeloupe beaches in France are some of the top beaches where you can go for a relaxing holiday. The butterfly shaped islands which are joined by a bridge over the Rivere Salee is actually archipelago of several smaller islands as well possessed by France. Some of […]

La Grande Terre

If you are planning a tour to France and the regions rich in French culture, then Guadeloupe islands are some of the top tourist regions that you should consider in your trip. As far as the official records go, the Guadeloupe islands is an archipelago possessed by the French and the region is a rich […]

Anse Bertrand

Two consecutive large islands connected by a bridge over the Rivière Salée, Guadeloupe islands are some of the most beautiful attractions of the France. The islands are particularly known for the beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe. Culturally and historically rich, the region holds much attraction for the tourists who are in love with the sea. A […]

Paloma Plage Beach

Paloma plage beach is all about families, friends and celebrations. Packed with travellers who love spending some memorable time at the edge of lustrous French Riviera with some delicious food and music, Paloma Plage has a lot to offer from water sports to arranging events at the coast. Pristine waters, white sands and long 14km coastline […]

Plage de l’Almanarre beach

Known for the sport of kite-flying over the water-waves, the Almanarre beach offers sensational thrill of water sports with enticing beach view. You find yourself locked in the joy of sea and sky with the sports-activities and walk along the beautiful beach-view. Lying near the town of Hyeres, almanarre beach is titled as ‘Kite surfer […]

L’Ile de Riou Marseille Beach

Best known for being an uninhabited and preserved island, L’Ile de Riou Marseille beach is accessible to its visitors only through boats. This island beach has several unique features making it an amazing beach experience. Things to do at L’Ile de Riou Marseille beach The thing making this beach most popular is its diving, which […]

Porto Pollo Beach

General information about this beach Established near the small village of Porto Pollo, the Porto-Pollo beach makes a good relaxation spot for travellers. This beach has a clean but small coastline with white sands and blue water. It not just makes this beach a fascinating place for a short spanned getaway at the beach in […]

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