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Most Romantic Places in Spain

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Spain has something in its air which makes it a suitable vacation spot for lovers. May be its the effect of the red wine of Spain or the tempting streets filled with loads of shops that makes lovers go crazy for the place. Spain is the perfect place for late night dinners and strolling on the streets with your partners, hands held together and wearing something that you love. There are numerous most beautiful places in Spain which can make heart beats go up with its serenity and romanticism. Places to go in Spain are many with the amazing city lights that give lovers the vibe to be together and make love to each other.

Most Romantic Places in Spain

Below are the list of Most romantic places in Spain


Most Romantic Places in Spain

What to do in Madrid is a question that can be answered quite easily as there are many fun things to do in Madrid. Madrid is a romantic gateway for lovers with the glittering city lights and the night life that Madrid has to offer to its visitors. Couples can take a stroll at night holding hands and with the culture that Madrid has to offer, couples will be thrilled to know about the history of Madrid. They can choose classy hotels to stay in and enjoy a glass of red wine for dinner. Romantic things to do in Madrid includes walk along the Gran Via, tour in the city parks which are so beautiful and well maintained. Couples can sit on the lawns and spend some time alone.


Most Romantic Places in Spain

Barcelona is one of the romantic gateway for couples who are excited about old and innovative architecture of the past. Barcelona is one of the cities to visit in Spain. The works of Antoni Gaudi are just legendary which are appreciated by everyone. The hotels of the place are grand and couples can expect a royal treatment when they are in Barcelona. One of the honeymoon destinations in Spain, couples can plan a romantic dinner in any of the candle lit restaurants. The museums with the intricate architects are a must watch for couples and Barcelona is a romantic gateway in Spain.


Most Romantic Places in Spain

The Plaza Mayor is one thing to watch out for when you are in Salamanca. This city is a full package of bars, restaurants, pubs, and a plethora of sophisticated architecture. You don’t have to worry about what to do in Spain during honeymoon as the list of activities is endless. Salamanca is all about modernity mixed with food and clubbing. Couples can get a taste of the divine food and along with that, they can find out chances to come more close to each other.


Most Romantic Places in Spain

Granada is a city that is influenced with Arab architecture and dates back to many years. The city is all full of castles but the Alhumbra castle is the most renowned one in this case. Granada is one of the places to go in Spain. The castle was built by the Moors and the serenity of the castle is simply well known. Couples can roam about in the castle and let the beauty soak inside their memories.


Most Romantic Places in Spain

The hill top farms, the vineyards, the poultry farms and the scenario of the countryside makes Toledo a must visit place in Spain. There are numerous historic quarters in Spain which can be visited by couples and they can also spend a cosy night in one of those quarters. The elegance of the place is so enthralling and heart capturing with the calmness in the surrounding spreading in all directions. A romantic walk to the historic quarters is a must when couples are in this city. The olive trees and groves are a special and unique feature of the city.

La Rioja

Most Romantic Places in Spain

The scenery of the wine yards in La Rioja makes it a very appealing city to be in for couples. Couples get a chance to roam about in the beauty of the grape vines and wine yards. What can be more romantic than a ride in a hot air balloon? This city offers couples with a chance to get on a hot air balloon and then spend some adventurous moments together and enjoy the scenic views from above the ground. Horse riding and taking tours are also some of the amazing things that couples can enjoy in the area.


Most Romantic Places in Spain

The island of Majorca provides a romantic feeling to the couples with the island designed in the most exciting and beautiful way. The island is all about the medieval ruins and remains of different castles and palaces. Porto Colom is a fishermen’s colony which should be visited by couples.

Honeymoon spots in Spain for couples:

Costa Galicia

Most Romantic Places in Spain

With the pampering sea shores and colourful coast and houses along the coast, Coast Galicia is the perfect honeymoon destination for lovers. Couples can relax and make out in a gentle way in one of the beaches of Coast Galicia.


Most Romantic Places in Spain

Anyone for a romantic and fairytale holiday? Andalucia is the perfect place for that. This place falls under what to see in Spain during Honeymoon. The remote villages, the quarters, etc. are a must visit place for visitors.

Spain is a great place to spend the weekend in the quiet streets and spend a romantic day in a restaurant in candle light dinner. Every vacation is incomplete for lovers if they don’t find a great hotel to spend their nights in cuddling each other. People just need some time to be together so that they can understand feelings of their partners and in that way, they can express their most romantic feelings to each other. This can easily bring more spark to their relationship so that they can get a more better life. Spain is the place where couples can enjoy rich architecture, love and great food at the same time! Let us know if you would like to add some more places to the list of most romantic places in Spain?

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