5 Beautiful places in Crete, Greece for a road trip

Greece is a dream destination for people who are looking for a vacation. A major portion of tourists are mostly concentrated in Santorini or Mykonos. Very few go to the island of Crete, which is extremely diverse and has much more to offer than just beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets. Crete, which is the largest […]

Top 5 beaches in Thailand

Thailand or formerly Siam is a nation located in the southeast of Asia. The country has a mixed heritage and an interesting culture. Several distinct geographical regions such as highlands, plateaus and coasts dominate the landscape. Most of the country has a tropical savanna climate and experiences three major seasons. Tourism makes about 6% of […]

5 Exotic Beaches in Germany you should not miss

Although Germany as a country is not very famous for its beaches, it has a few noteworthy ones where you can go for a vacation. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, Germany has adequate shoreline that is dotted rustic beaches that have golden sands with pristine waters. If you are planning to […]

Top 5 beaches in Europe for a Romantic Vacation

Europe is a large continent and the European Union is estimated to have 41,000 miles of coastline. It is home to a lot of undoubtedly beautiful beaches and has visitors all year round. Plus, some islands are a part of the continent as well and offer pristine beaches with majestic views. Vacationers and honeymooners’ throng […]

Lesser known Wonders of the World

We all are aware about the 7 wonders of the world, but there are many other places and structures on earth which are equally beautiful and definitely deserve a mention. These places have a thrilling history, immaculate architecture and breathtaking visuals which are sure to leave you exhilarated.Although there are many such places dotted across […]

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