Top 5 beaches in Iceland

You simply cannot talk about Iceland without mentioning the countless stunning beaches there. If you’re planning a visit, then stick along to read about the top 5 beaches in Iceland that are absolutely awaiting your arrival. Make sure to have them on the top of your itinerary. Diamond Beach The Diamond beach gets its name […]

5 Most Strange Ocean and Sea Phenomena

The large water bodies of earth and the events associated with it have always been a mystery to man. Although the oceans are being explored via research and studies, a huge portion of it still remains undiscovered. In the past, many strange events and occurrences in the ocean and seas have taken place which has […]

Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

Travelling brings a lot of positive changes to a person. You see a lot of cultures and perspectives, meet new people and learn a lot. But when you are travelling, having a schedule to work out or exercise may be difficult to manage. Some hotels may not have an in-house gym and maintaining a proper […]

Basic expenses of living in Sittard, Limburg – 2021

Now that you have successfully relocated to Sittard, Limburg in Netherlands, there are other fascinating to talk about. Most important and unexciting being expenses. Living in another city means a lot of expenditure monthly on food, groceries, transport, etc. Here we have tried to clarify few basic expenses of living in Sittard that you will […]

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