Most Romantic places in Cuba

Want to go to a place with great views, music, food and fun, but on an affordable budget? Want to experience the sunshine, drink rum or cha cha with your partner? Cuba is the place for you. Many cities and towns in the tropical country are known honeymoon spots and we will be looking specifically […]

Cayo Jutias beach

The weather of Cuba is almost pleasant throughout the year but some summers you might just want to dip off the waters. There is a beach that is closest to habitation and that is Cayo Jutias beach. This small beach has all the makings of a great beach and is popularly known as the white […]

Varadero beach

Voted as one of the best beaches, Varadero beach has a lot to boast about. Varaderocuba is the leading beach resorts and is tops the rank amongst the best beach resorts in Caribbean. Like the rest of the many beaches in Cuba, Varadero beach also have the long stretches of white sands that appeals to […]

Playa Sirena beach

Do you know that Cuban beaches are counted among the best beaches all over the world? There are no guesses for winning and no surprises as well as the beaches are indeed a marvel. Let’s describe the best places to hang out when you are exploring Cuba. Playa Sirena beach is absolutely breathtaking and one […]

Playa Megano beach

Another high rated Cuban Caribbean beach to talk about is Playa megano beach. The playa meganocuba can be put in the same criteria as any other Cuban beach. It is like reliving a paradise life again and again. It is located on the island of cayo ensenaschoscuba. This beach has been commonly compared with another […]

Playa Ensanachos beach

Cayo ensanachos is a small island in Cuba and within the island’s heart lay a beautiful beach which is Playa Ensanachos beach. The beach has always been the most loved among all the beaches in Cuba by many visitors. This beach gives a luxurious feel to the visitors around and never left them dissatisfied. The […]

Playa Ancon beach

If you are a lover of white sand beaches and blue green sea, then you must visit Playa Ancon Beach in Cuba located just few miles away from Trinadad. This beach is termed as a tourist beach so it would be great for you, if you are embarking on a holiday to Cuba. The playa […]

Pinar Del Rio beach

One of the most popular cities of Cuba is Pinar Del Rio beach and its history is rooted from the fact that the Spanish people founded it. It is also one of the last major cities discovered in Cuba. The city is best known for its tobacco production and all the finest cigars are exported […]

Marea Del Portillo beach

Marea Del Portillo beach is located on the southernmost coast of Cuba. The atmosphere of the place is happy and gay. All the surroundings are so natural that you will instantly fall for the beach. In marea del portillo manzanillo de cuba, you will have a great time with your loved ones. The beach has beautiful […]

Guillermo beach

If you second and agree for a luxurious holiday to Cuba then Guillermo beach won’t fail to impress you. This beach is absolutely stunning and offers you just the right deals. The Guillermo Cuba offers a romantic getaway for anyone, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba. Again, if we have […]

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