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We recommend you to go through the terms and conditions prior to making use of our website. By using the website for your information, you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned below-

Our services is an informative website, and the objectives are providing necessary details about beaches across the world. Our content is developed by our in-house team and at times we gather information from various sources like forums, websites, news articles and public reviews. We amalgamate the information to provide authentic reviews. However, we accept articles from guest authors and we do not guarantee the information provided will be correct. As a visitor, you need to cross check the information with the local GOV websites.

Copyright and personal use holds copyright of all the information provided in the website. We decide if we need to provide links to other sources or not, and purposefully we do not provide backlinks. Users are not permitted to use the information for other purpose like selling, reusing, content manipulation etc. In any case we find breaching of above mentioned requirements, we will consider that as transgression and the user will be acted according to the applicable law. Since we accept articles from guest authors, any copyright infringement should be brought to our notice and we will verify and remove the content from the website, as applicable. World’s Exotic Beaches website cannot be held responsible for any violations pertaining to content/Images or information provided on the website. We respect writers, artists and professionals and we welcome your feedback. In case you come across any issues, do contact us through email and we will look into your concerns.

Privacy and security

We do not store personal data of users like email id’s, names or contact numbers for marketing or selling purpose. In case a user registers for any subscription, the identity will never be shared with any third party websites for marketing purpose. We request users to restrain from providing personal details in their comments, though we don’t publish personal details in the comment section.

Warranty, under no conditions, should be alleged responsible for any content displayed on other websites. There might be glitches in information and that is responsibility of the user to verify it again. Since the information provided is researched from other sources, hence, we would not be alleged under any legal liabilities due to any damage or problem caused by using the information/reviews provided on this site. However, we do ensure that we provide authentic reviews which would help users and we do not purposefully make a place good or bad according to our wish. The reviews are according to the likeliness of people towards that place which we present through our articles.


You acknowledge that, has the complete authority to change the terms and conditions at regular intervals and it is your part to check and review them time to time.


We are against spammers and we already have a system in place to identify bots and block them. We urge visitors to refrain from spamming the website and use the website only for informational purpose.

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