Most Romantic places in Serbia

Serbia is an exclusive beautiful country located in Balkans in Southern Europe. For the newly wedded couple, it is one of the best countries to travel with tons of tourist attractions. It is also one of the cheapest destinations in the world so if you are planning to go for a vacation then you must surely visit it. Besides having the culture and historical places it has also got good restaurants and bars for the people to enjoy. There are about 15 peaks 2000 meters above sea level. The people here in Serbia are extremely welcoming who treat travellers with warmth and lovely gestures. Its northern part has a continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. It has a ski season which is from December to March and for enthusiasts it can be the best time to visit Serbia.

Here are some of the Most Romantic Places in Serbia


The Fantast Castle, Vojvodina

most romantic places in serbia

The famous castle is spreading its magic into reality since the 20th century and is one of the famous tourist places in Serbia. It is surrounded by verdure and represents as an idyllic place of love boasting through history, architecture, art, and tradition. The visitors can enjoy the wide par, chapel, stable and other surroundings around the castle.

Fruska Gora Mountain and National Park

most romantic places in serbia

This beautiful place is located in the region of Syrmia and is one of the most romantic places in Serbia. Its mountain region has an area known as Fruška Gora Park which is studded with vineyards and greeneries and is a worth to visit for tourists. It is one of the beautiful places studded with tourist attraction spots which have a spectacular view from the top. One can do various activities like Rambling, hiking, and climbing.

Bela Crkva

most romantic places in serbia

It is a place surrounded by flowers, greeneries, artificial lakes and rivers which decorate the place and adds flavor to its beauty. This is a small place in the south of Banat though one of the poorest yet the richest by its location, nature, and tourism. The biggest attractions here are the artificial lakes of Bela Crvka where thousands of tourists enjoy a good time. It is one of the untouched and pristine places in Serbia to visit for couples.


most romantic places in serbia

It is one of the preferred places for honeymoon in Serbia that one should not miss going. There are many romantic places for couples in Belgrade town which is full of energy and life. It has one of the best parks in the country which people like to visit and explore along with the finest nightlife in Belgrade. Here you can find the beautiful beaches that stretch along the banks of Sava and you can enjoy various activities like swimming and water sports.


most romantic places in serbia

The Zlatar mountain range is one of the famous places to visit in Serbia where one can enjoy its surroundings and lush greenery. It is full of meadows, lakes, and forests and has fresh air that helps people in relaxing here and commune with nature far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Those who enjoy winter sports can indulge here in skiing on slopes. Besides this, there is a ski lift that helps tourists in taking a look at the spectacular lush valleys and surroundings. There are also beautiful lakes where one can enjoy boating, rafting, and fishing.


most romantic places in serbia

This quaint village features a museum that includes timbre structures which can also be called the self-styled ethnic village and is one of the must see places in Serbia. It has traditional arts and crafts and is said to be an excellent place where one can enjoy good food and drink with traditional Serbian dishes. You can enjoy a Serbian brandy here with your partner.

Novi Sad

most romantic places in serbia

It is the second largest tourist place in Serbia that should not be missed. It is most famous for its landmark Petrovardian Fortress and is said to be one of the most beautiful places in Novi Sad. There are many spots in the city to visit such as Varadin Bridge that spans the Danube where one can enjoy river rafting and can do other adventurous things out there.


most romantic places in serbia

Sokobanja is a town located in the eastern part of the country and is considered to be the holy place to visit. Many people flock here for the thermal waters that are said to have healing properties and it also has the steam room. People also travel here to experience pure air as this place is said to be free from air pollution due to a high elevation which leads to the phase of ‘climatic spa’. If you are planning for a romantic trip to Serbia, this can be one of your options due to tranquil nature of the place.

Drina River

most romantic places in serbia

It is located in the west of Serbia and has extremely beautiful scenery and plenty of opportunities for adventurous sports. The Drina River is a great spot for trying white water rafting and training guides are also available who can help you how to raft. A romantic walk alongside the river during the evening is definitely soothing for newlyweds and among one of the best places for couples in Serbia.


most romantic places in serbia

This place is known for its natural beauty and surroundings that tourists can enjoy in both winters and summers. It is the highest mountain range in Serbia and still remains pristine for love birds to explore the place. This place holds a business forum that brings businesses from all over Europe every year. Couples can enjoy the place while staying in a cozy hotel and enjoy the weather being at one of the most romantic places in Serbia.


most romantic places in serbia

It is the third largest city in Serbia which is known for being a university town and among the famous places to visit in Serbia for couples. This place has a relaxing and romantic vibe which makes it a suitable place for couples to visit. Another place is Nis Fortress where the two sides of the city meet and have a row of cafes that are loved by students and tourists who come around from different parts of the world.

Mecavnik, Mokra Gora

most romantic places in serbia

Here, travellers can enjoy the refreshing feel of dew which freshens the wide green pasture making it one of the beautiful destinations in Serbia for couples. The tweets from birds and morning rays of the sun can be the best way to enjoy the magic morning while on vacation. The couples can wake up to the luxuriant nature of morning at Mokra Gora where the air is filled with freshness. Travellers can enjoy the hills covered with thick forests. They can give a kick start to their day by taking a stroll through unique and unforgettable meadows.


Serbia being a modern country had many untouched places which makes it a romantic place for the couples to visit. There are many honeymoon spots in Serbia for newly wedded couples. The beautiful landscapes and hill stations surrounding the region can be enjoyed by the couples during their trip to Serbia.