Kenting Beach

Kenting Beach in Taiwan is a must to visit. It is located at the southern part of the country and known for its oceanic beauty. There are lots more to explore in Taiwan which are playing the key role in promoting the Tourism. The ocean facing beach has an appealing view. Special attractions of the […]

Fulong Beach

  There are lots more to discover on earth. When we search for our inner peace we plan to escape from our daily hazardous life. An outing is meant for relaxing in a corner of a beach with a chilled drink. If you are looking for a break from the concrete jungle try out Taiwan […]

Baishawan Beach

The freshness that any beach adds to life is not found in mountain. So whenever we need a break from the same routine we think for an outing in a coastal area. There are many beaches in Taiwan to appreciate and Baishawan beach is among them. Being located in North Taiwan, Taipei beaches deserve a […]

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