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Most Romantic Places in Guatemala

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Do you want to go to a place where history and nature blend together with pristine beaches and exotic food? Then your perfect romantic getaway would be Guatemala! Located in Central America, Guatemala is a country bordered by the Caribbean Sea.
The country has a rich history – with the Mayan civilization and being a Spanish colony in the past. The major cities are Guatemala City, Mixco, Villa Nueva and Petapa.One of the most interesting facts about Guatemala is that its currency Quetzal is also the name of a bird and in ancient times, the bird’s feathers were used as currency. Below we have a list of the most romantic places in Guatemala so you can plan a fabulous vacation with your partner.

Guatemala City

most romantic places in Guatemala

In the mountain valley of Valle de la Ermita, lies Guatemala City, the capital of the country and it is one of thebest places to see in Guatemala. This city has an interesting mix of history – from the Mayan civilization to the Spanish colonies, Guatemala City has a little bit of everything for couples. The surroundings also include active volcanoes for thrill seekers who want to see a live volcano. Take a hike to Pacaya volcano or take a dip with your partner in the Kawilal hot springs on the way. You and your partner may want to skip the clothes and make-out in the thermal baths, while there. Visit the Zona Viva and dance the night away in your partner’s arms. Go to the downtown district for a bit of history and gorgeous food. If you love history or monuments, then be sure to visit the Museo Popol Vuh and the Kaminaljuyú Archaeological Park.

Antigua Guatemala

most romantic places in Guatemala

A renowned UNESCO site, Antigua is famous for its Spanish-baroque architecture. Couples can go mountain biking or hike up to Cerro de la Cruz for beautiful views of the city. Walk hand in hand along the cobblestone pathways of Antigua and stop by to see the old structures like La Merced Church, Monasterio de Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala or Captain General Palace, the whole city is an architectural gem.The Iglesia y Convento de las Capuchinas is a fine example of 18th century convent and is one of the most beautiful places in Antigua Guatemala. Take a romantic walk at Santo Domingo Del Cerro or swing to the tunes with your partner at one of the Salsa studios. Relax and canoodle with one another on one of the rooftop bars with views of the volcanoes.


most romantic places in Guatemala

Livingston is a town in the Izabal region that surrounds the Lago Izabal and is one of the best Guatemala honeymoon spots. The Rio Dulce is a great place for couples to unwind while enjoying the beautiful river views. Book a hotel on the river, view the sunset from the river docks and go in for a romantic kiss. A short ride away is the Finca Paraiso or hot waterfalls and El Boqueron a little further. Explore the Tiger Caves, take a dip in one of the subterranean pools and get some necking time with each other. Take a romantic walk along the beach and then visit the Seven Altars – a series of pools and waterfalls. This is one of the topmost things to do in Livingston, Guatemala. A very romantic place for couples, go skinny dipping, absorb the natural surroundings, while stealing a hot kiss. Livingston is one of the most romantic places in Guatemala for couples.

Santiago Atitlan

most romantic places in Guatemala

Located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Santiago Atitlán is nestled between two volcanoes. The lake was formed after a caldera filled with water. Go kayaking with your partner on the lake or trypaddle surfing. The expanse of the lake will ensure privacy for couples who want to canoodle surrounded by serene water and beautiful mountains. Hotels in the area often provide hot tubs on open terraces, overlooking the lake and volcanoes, where you can relax with your partner. You can spend most part of the night taking advantage of the hot-tub and the privacy. Hike up one of the three volcanoes in the area for amazing views from the top. You and your lover can also go swimming at the Cerro Tzankujil Nature Reserve. The quiet and peaceful Santiago Atitlán is one of the best couple only places in Guatemala.


most romantic places in Guatemala

Surrounded by Lake Petén Itzá, Flores is an island town in Guatemala and is one of the prettiest honeymoon places in Guatemala. The quaint Spanish town is also known as a gateway to the Mayan ruins. Couples can take a lake tour, go swimming or go on the rope swing at Jorge’s to add fun to their vacation. Visit Uaxactún a Mayan ceremonial site – theoldest astrological observatory, as the temple is designed in such a way that during equinoxes or solstices, the sun appears to rise out of the temple. Another attraction is the Yaxhá Mayan City where you can walk through the complex or look out over lake Yaxhá. Hike through the rainforests to explore Tikal – an ancient Mayan City, which is one of the top Guatemala tourist attractions. Flores has so much history, where couples can explore or just take relax and enjoy activities like canoeing, zip-lining or horseback riding through the Ixpanpajul Natural Park.

Alta Verapaz

most romantic places in Guatemala

A department in Guatemala, Alta Varapaz is a known vacation spot for couples. Lanquín, a municipality is popular for theGrutas de Lanquín, a large cave complex. Couples can visit the Semuc Champey, where the Cahabón River disappears under a limestone bridge, leaving stepped pools of water behind. Hike up to the El Mirador with your partner for stunning views of the lush forest or relax in one of the turquoise pools while cuddling with each other. The Semuc Champey is one of the leading beautiful places in Guatemala. You can also go tubing on the river with your lover or walk the national parks in Coban while looking for orchids. Book a cabin near the Lachua Lake and spend the time watching the water or show some love to your partner, while looking out at the sunset. Couples can also take a trip to Hun Nal Ye an ecological park that has a low river with a lagoon, blue waters and waterfalls where you can just relax, while soaking the surrounding nature. Go zip-lining or river tubing with your significant other while getting some one on one time with each other. Alta Verapaz offers some of the first-rate things to do in Guatemala for couples.


most romantic places in Guatemala

The town of Amatitlán is near the lake Amatitlán, one of the famous attractions in Guatemala, where couples can go rowing or canoeing. Take the Amatitlán cable car with your partner for unbridled views between the National Parks – El Filón and The Ninfas. Revel in the views and take advantage of the privacy to caress and kiss each other during the ride. The volcano of Pacaya is a live volcano which can be seen spewing smoke from afar. If you are thrill seekers and are hiking up the Pacaya then on the way you will find the Laguna de Calderas or the crater lake. The picturesque lake is surrounded by wooded hills where you can walk or have a quiet picnic nearby.
Guatemala is a country with a lot of natural beauty, with lakes, forests and volcanoes dominating the landscape. Hope the list spurs you on to pack your bag and take that long awaited vacation with your partner to the most romantic places in Guatemala!

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