Most Romantic Places in Norway

Are you a busy couple looking to rekindle your romance? Couples can discover their love by exploring unfamiliar parts of the World with each other. Moreover, you will have a fun time discovering the different sides of your partner and develop tenderness like never before.

On the same lines, when you are planning to venture out on a holiday with your significant other, you have to take into account their likes and dislikes. By doing this, you can be sure that both of you can have a good time while making wonderful memories.

What better place can a couple choose rather than a beautiful country Norway, comprising of a galaxy of glaciers, rugged coastlines, lush hills, majestic mountains and iconic fjords.

Let’s take a look at the most romantic places in Norway


most romantic places in Norway

When we think of Norway, the first thing which comes to our mind is the mesmerising Northern lights display known as ‘Aurora Borealis’. If you and your significant other are planning to experience heaven on earth, then you can head to the Lyngen Alps, Tromso. As you watch the display of luminescent streaks of light dance across the night sky, you and your partner can revel in the beauty of nature and cherish lovely moments with each other. This is one of the top romantic destinations in Norway and adored by couples.

A romantic cruise on the Bergen

most romantic places in Norway

If you plan on soaking in the beauty of the rugged Norwegian coast, you can book a romantic cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes. The Bergen, rightly nicknamed as the ‘Gateway of the Fjords’ is a mesmerising city surrounded by the mighty Fjords. Furthermore, you can see the gorgeous islets and towns that are usually difficult to navigate by public transport or cars. You and your partner can soak in the beauty of the coast while spending some endeared time with each other and cherish memories worth a lifetime being at one of the best places for couples in Norway.


most romantic places in Norway

The name is ‘Geirangerfjord’ is sure to make heads turn as it is known as one of the glorious fjords in the World. The fjords are situated on either side of the cerulean blue pristine waters which offers a dramatic view of the fjords. The river is flanked on both sides by 4,500 feet fjords lined with gorgeous waterfalls and deemed one of the most beautiful places in Norway for couples. You and your partner can catch a rainbow at the fjord and create a beautiful setting for love and romance.

Lofoten Islands

most romantic places in Norway

The Islands are well known for their pristine beaches, teeming marine life and sleepy fishing villages. The Lofoten Island is a remote archipelago located on the north-eastern coast of Norway. As the city is located near the beach, the summers are warm while the winters are mild making it an ideal choice for visitors to experience one of the most romantic places in Norway. If you are an adventurous couple, you can head to these islands to catch a glimpse of the otters, orcas,and seagulls. Moreover, you can strap on your hiking boots and explore the island by foot where you can stumble upon exotic wildlife.


most romantic places in Norway

The iconic city is the capital of Norway and is a melting pot of the Scandinavian culture. If you are an urban couple, you can explore the sophisticated city which offers fresh gourmet food, luxurious spas,and impressive restaurants to spend some intimate time with each other. You can go out on a classic date together with your loved one for a night filled with opera and ballet complete with a candlelit dinner. Moreover, if your better half is fond of shopping you can treat them to retail therapy and shower them with much deserved love being at one of the beautiful places in Norway.


most romantic places in Norway

If you are a couple who likes to choose a less travelled road, then the best place for you is Trondheim. It is a place where you can experience the rustic charm of Norway and sample some authentic Norwegian cuisine. The city is wrapped in medieval charm since the city was famous for its Vikings. You can explore the city by foot or rent a bicycle and explore the historical treasures of the impressive city. You and your partner can enjoy the sun setting over the Old town bridge also known as the ‘Gateway to Happiness’ making it one of best places for couples in Norway.


most romantic places in Norway

If you and your better half are nature lovers, then you can head to Nordmarka situated in eastern Norway, one of the top honeymoon destinations in Norway. It is a heaven on earth for nature lovers as the city offers impressive hikes, walking paths and cycling routes. The city offers a majestic view of its pristine landscape of lakes and lush forests. You and your partner can be in one with nature while spending romantic time with each other. You can also spend some lovely time with each other over a cup of coffee in any one of the quaint cafes lying in the vicinity.

Sorrisniva Igloo hotel

most romantic places in Norway

Considered as one of the most romantic hotels in the World and is entirely made up of ice, is one of the most amazing places to visit and see in Norway. The Igloo hotel is situated in northern Norway and offers couples a remarkable experience. If you and your partner are crazy about winter and love snow, you can visit the Igloo hotel to cherish this once in a lifetime experience and cosy up with each other by the fire. Additionally, the raw and pristine wilderness surrounding the hotel imparts a charm to this ice beauty.

Scenic Atlantic Ocean road

most romantic places in Norway

Are you a thrill seeking couple looking for adventure? Don’t worry; we are here to recommend the most scenic and deadliest road in the World also known as the ‘Atlantic Ocean Road’. The 8 kilometre road is lined with curvy roads, deep dips, crazy turns flanked by high waves on either side is a sight to behold. Enjoying the feeling of adrenaline cruising through your veins and feeling the sea breeze in your hair is breath-taking. You and your partner can travel on this road to experience the thrill of a lifetime which is deemed one of the most adventurous places in Norway for couples.


most romantic places in Norway

Can you imagine catching the sun during mid-night? Sounds weird right? But Harstad is famous for displaying this phenomenon. You can catch the mid-night sun by heading to Harstad during the months of May and July to get a magical view of the city. You and your partner can hike upto the coastline to get a clear view of the Sun. You can confess your love amidst one of the most romantic places in Norway.

Norway is a wonderful country with a mix of modernism and nature while exuding old World charm. Couples who are seeking to experience uniqueness can head to Norway to experience their fairy-tale.