Most Romantic Places in Bangladesh

Live your version of romantic Bollywood movies in the lush green landscapes and pearly white waterfalls of the under-explored Asian country Bangladesh. With boats being the most famous and frequently used mode of transportation in this country, the chills and aura of the location is a replica of Karan Johar movie sets. So what are you waiting for? Take your significant other on a surprise trip and explore these most romantic places of Bangladesh to make your own romantic movie.


Let’s see the Most Romantic Places in Bangladesh


Mermaid Beach Resort

most romantic places in Bangladesh

Had a busy year and wasn’t able to spend some quality time with your girl? Hit to our first mention in the list of most romantic places of Bangladesh and spend some private time with your lady love. Located on a beautiful Bangladeshi beach, Mermaid Beach Resort is one of the best tourist places for couples in Bangladesh. It offers an eye-pleasing view of the yellow sunlight highlighting the romance of the sea and sand. Also, it is one stop destination to taste some delicious delicacies of the Bangladeshi cuisine.


Sajek Valley

most romantic places in Bangladesh

Located in the suburbs of the Rangamati districts, Sajek Valley is one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh for couples. A real picturesque, it is also called hill queen, all because of its amazingly attention-grabbing beauty. The place gets its name from the river that separates Bangladesh and India. Sajek Valley is indeed one adventurous spot. After all, it is around 18000 ft above the sea.


Cox’s Bazar

most romantic places in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar is known as Bangladesh’s headquarter. Being one of the ancient sites of the country, the place is highly populated and is rich in culture and delicacy. Because of its lovely beach collection, Cox’s Bazar is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Bangladesh.



most romantic places in Bangladesh

Popular for the vast palette of colors the place of offers to the viewers, Khagrachari is no doubt on the list of Bangladesh’s beautiful places. Approximately 112 kilometers away from Chittagong, this location has some eye-catching greenery and waterfalls to offer. Indeed a true charm of nature. Khagrachari serves as one of the romantic spots in Bangladesh and is a perfect couples only place in Bangladesh for some cozy time.


Patenga Beach

most romantic places in Bangladesh

Patenga Beach marks its place in the list of Bangladesh’s famous places. Surrounded by beautiful concrete walls and mighty stones, it is undoubtedly a mesmerizing gift from nature to the country. It is the sunrise and sunset at Patenga Beach that makes it a perfect canvas moment and the location a must to see place in Bangladesh. This place is sure to be in our most romantic places in Bangladesh list. And you know what is even more exciting about this beach? Its vast number of local beach shops offering you many locale things to shop in Bangladesh and of course some mouth-watering Bangladeshi seafood is waiting to go right in your stomach.


Nilgiri Hills

most romantic places in Bangladesh

The beholder of pearly White Mountains is definitely a place where you must take ‘the queen of your heart’ for a visit. Yes! We are talking about the Nilgiri Hills that are famous worldwide for those gorgeous mountains. What makes the view even more interesting for the viewers is the difference of colour between the mountain ranges. It is one of those places that you must visit in Bangladesh otherwise your trip is incomplete. Pro tip: If you are planning to take your girlfriend on a trip and ask her out those four magical words, do it on Nilgiri Hills. She’ll definitely say ‘I do’.


Inani Beach

most romantic places in Bangladesh

Beaches have always been a symbolisation of epic romance. From proposal nights to wedding bells, if it is on a beach, it is amazing! One such lovely yet not so explored beach is Inani Beach. If you are making a list of best beaches in Bangladesh, don’t forget to add this one. This beach attracts a lot of locals on weekends because of its clean waves and sun-kissed sand.  If you are planning to go for your honeymoon to Bangladesh, this one beach is the best place for candlelight dinner.



most romantic places in Bangladesh

Last but not the least on our list of most romantic places in Bangladesh is the home of greenery, Chittagong. Relaxing on the lap of the green mountains, this city holds within it many colourful flowers, numerous different shapes of trees and some enchanting and enlightening charms of the beauty of nature. It is indeed an ideal romantic getaway from the busy world. With excellent mountainous views from the hotel, sun brewed mornings and cold, windy vibes, Chittagong is indeed a place that continuously conspires to keep the lovebird close by each other’s side.


The culture of the country is a living example of the way the Bangladeshi people lived and our living till now. That’s to say, nothing has changed! Be it the rich lands, prosperous rivers or sugary lifestyle of the people, the country is holding on the roots of its heritage and is spreading the word of love around the world.  The country is the home to three major rivers that results in the formation of a deltaic plain. Bangladesh is truly the most blessed Himalayan child and in case these are not enough a bunch of reasons to convince you to plan a trip with your significant other to Bangladesh. Let us know if you have more suggestions about the most romantic places in Bangladesh!