Warwick Long Bay Beach

Warwick Long Bay Beach in Warwick Parish is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bermuda. Warwick Parish is in the main island of Bermuda and is known for its pink sandy beaches, nature reserves and historical monuments. Warwick beach is connected other beaches and coves by a sandy trail and is mostly secluded making in one of the coolest beaches in Bermuda. You can climb the cliffs for amazing views or sunbathe while canoodling with your partner. There is a coral reef where you and your partner can go snorkelling or just swim in the clear waters.

Warwick Long Bay Beach


The sand is pink in colour and you can see parrot fish on the coral reef. You can also rent your snorkelling gear from one of the stands at the beach. The beach is easily accessible by buses or taxis and can be reached in 35-40 minutes. However, a word of caution on the reefs, surf and the currents, as it can be tricky for swimmers. The place is safe for visitors and provides your partner and you some privacy making it one of the most romantic beaches in Bermuda.

Nearby Attractions

You can visit other beaches around Warwick beach like Horseshoe Bay, Jobson’s Cove, Astwood Park or Chaplin’s Bay Beach. Jobson’s Cove is a small cove that prevents strong waves and has clear blue waters. It can be crowded at times but is definitely beautiful. Horseshoe Bay is another beach with pink sand and blue water. Pack a picnic and visit the beach with your partner for a romantic sunset dinner. Hike along the trails in Astwood Park or go down to the Astwood Cove. Couples can visit Stone hole Bay or relax on the sunny Chaplin’s Bay.

Things to Do at Warwick Long Bay Beach

Couples can go snorkelling, swimming or boating while in Warwick. Surprise your partner with an outing on a catamaran to watch the sunset. The city of Hamilton is only a few minutes away and the front street is where all the shops and restaurants can be found. Take a romantic horse carriage ride with your partner or ride the train trolley that goes through Hamilton’s landmarks. Hamilton Fort will be exciting for a history buff and it also amazing views of the harbor.

If you visit between May and September you can enjoy Harbor Night with your partner, when the front street becomes a bustling fair with food, music, dance and crafts. Hamilton also has an extraordinary nightlife with Jazz clubs and live bands to which your partner and you can dance the night away in each other’s arms. Visit the old churches in Warwick Parish or view the Great Sound from one of the viewing points around Warwick while cuddling with your partner. Warwick with its blue water, untouched a beauty and pink sand is one of the most beautiful and romantic Bermuda Beach in North America.