5 Reasons why you should do the Mount Everest trek

Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world which boasts a height of 8848 meters. It is located in the Himalayan mountain range in Nepal and attracts many mountaineers every year who seek to scale its height. However, the trek which takes you to the peak of the mountain is extremely difficult, expensive […]

The Ultimate Guide to Everest Base Camp adventure trip

One of the most thrilling trekking adventures that one can experience is the Everest Base Camp Trek in the mighty Himalayan Mountains. The Everest base Camp adventure trip is one of the most loved and popular trekking trips in the world which is undertaken by several people across the world. This trek is challenging but […]

Taking a Singles Cruise? Tips For Doing It Right

After a decade or more of near invisibility, singles cruises are making a huge comeback. The trips were already in rebound mode in late 2019, but the COVID pandemic put all the resurgence on hold. Now, they’re back, and tour companies are working hard to keep up with demand. If you plan to go on […]

List of Amazing Sea Plants

The ocean ecosystem  is the largest ecosystem comprising of 70% of the earth’s surface and only 20% of it is known to man. Though expeditions and explorations have been conducted since early times, the vast ocean floor is as unknown as the space. The marine biome is rich in minerals, animals and plants. For our […]

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