Anapa Beach

Anapa beach’s turquoise water and clean coastline for a drive count among the first things making it a beautiful place to spend a memorable time in Russia. From relaxing on a hammock to enjoying with the variety of water-sports, Anapa has been known for its tranquil effect on those leaving it after a beach holiday. […]

Gelendzhik Bay Beach

          From Tolstyi falls to Tonkiy, the Gelendzhik Bay Beach is stretched with a coastline of around 12 Km with numerous beaches taking almost two-third of its total area. The Gelendzhik Beach is popular for being an ice-free bay, making it an attraction for loads of tourists. The entire bay has high […]

Onega Bay Beach

          Stuck in Russia during summers? There are a few places which would revamp your mood and recreate your time in such a weather. One to list among such destinations would be the beach at the Onega lake. If you have stayed in Russia for sometime or are born there, you […]

Black Sea Beach

          With rolling mountains at the edges, and golden sands at the bay, the black sea beach is rated one among the best beaches in Russia for the blend of mesmerizing weather, view of the sea from the mountains, sunrays, and warm waters. Another reason for black sea beach being a […]

Lazurnaya Beach

          When you have a day off, and wonder about what to do, Lazurnaya beach could be one place you would never regret spending your time at. You get a lot of things to do at Lazurnay along with getting a picturesque view of the landscape. The beach has large sandy bay, […]

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