Black Sea Beach

Black sea destination






With rolling mountains at the edges, and golden sands at the bay, the black sea beach is rated one among the best beaches in Russia for the blend of mesmerizing weather, view of the sea from the mountains, sunrays, and warm waters. Another reason for black sea beach being a favourite tourist destination is the range of other spots it offers to those visiting the black sea. Some of the other attractions nearby are Sochi resort, the scenic road of Krasnaya Polyana, the home of Navy named Novorossiysk, and many more to stretch the list.

Black sea

There are also numerous museums and galleries one could get access to in order to make the best use of the time at the black sea. This three corner sunny beach gets a lovely beach experience, and list of fun things to do at black sea, making it a desirable destination for a much awaited beach holiday. So, if you travel to Bulgaria sometime soon and get considerable amount of time with friends, family, or partner to spend at some place worth watching, black sea beach shouldn’t be missed. With Anapa and Vityazevo as some other closeby destinations making it a rich tourism-experience, black sea definitely qualifies to be rated as it is already.