Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

Do you want to enjoy quiet and romantic time with your loved one and create wonderful moments together, where you are not disturbed by tourists? Then, Slovakia is the best place that offers countless romantic and gorgeous spots to spend time with your beloved.

Slovakia comprises of many historical towns lined with narrow historical lanes and fairy-tale castles, where you can you woo you beloved one or plan a proposal that would be etched in your memory forever. The romantic country boasts of its pristine nature, cherished as a precious ‘treasure’ by the people. Slovakia boasts of greater than 5000 caves, 9 national parks, numerous protected landscapes, historical monuments and beautiful gardens.

Couples seeking romantic places can head to these top honeymoon places in Slovakia to have the time of their lives and cherish lovely moments together. The best time to visit Slovakia is all around the year, couples who want to enjoy winter can head to Slovakia during the months October to January and for couples who want to enjoy the earthiness of Slovakia can head during the months from March till October.

Without further ado, we will recommend the most romantic places in Slovakia and the romantic holiday destinations in Slovakia for couples.

Bratislava Old Town

Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and is also the largest city; it is situated on the banks of the Danube and Morava River. Bratislava shares its border with Hungary and Austria and is deemed as the cultural centre of Slovakia and comprises of numerous museums, art galleries,and historical landmarks.

Couples can plan romantic trips in Slovakia by talking a romantic stroll on the promenade along the river bank. There are various places for couples in Bratislava, couples who are connoisseurs of fine arts can plan a trip to the Bratislava City Museum or explore the numerous pubs, bars,and restaurants where you can taste traditional local brews and wines.

Banská Bystrica

Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

The romantic city of Banská Bystrica is located at the heart of Slovakia and is situated on the bank of the Hron River. The city nestled by the majestic Low Tatra Mountainsis a popular winter destination for couples in Slovakia.

Couples can explore the city lined with historical buildings which includes various mansions, majestic cathedrals,and forts. The city boasts of a modern life while exuding old world charm. The Slovakia nightlife is teaming with celebrations and couples can soak in the festivities by chilling out at pubs, cafes or have a candle light dinner with you loved one while listening to live folklore music.

Michael’s Gate, Bratislava

Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

The city of Bratislava was fortified with huge walls and four key gates were setup as designated entry and exit points for its citizens. However, due to the ravages of time and war only the smallest gate known as ‘St. Michael’s Gate’, deemed as one of the best places of Bratislavastands majestic and has been preserved meticulously since its construction in 1300. Couples can head to the top of the tower to enjoy the romantic view of the city. There are few romantic restaurants located below the gate and luxury boutiques such as Christian Dior, Swarovski crystals,and expensive exotic wines are some of the best things to buy in Slovakia.

Tatras Mountains

Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

If you are couples or honeymooners who embrace adventure Tatras mountain ranges is the best place for you to visit in Slovakia. The Tatrasis the tallest mountain range in the country and the highest peak in the range ‘Mount Gerlach’ stands tall more than 2,655 metres above the sea level.

The Mountain range has been deemed as the best honeymoon spots near Bratislava for couples since it is a popular skiing and spa destination in all of Slovakia. You can a plan a romantic proposal for your loved atop the Tatras such as Popradské pleso, and Zelené pleso which is picturesque including a pristine glacial lake and it is deemed as heaven on earth.

Slovak Paradise National Park

Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

Slovak Paradise National park is a rare jewel situated in the heart of Slovakia and couples fascinated by nature can plan a romantic trip to the National park to be in one with nature. The National park paints a picturesque view of forested mountains, clear lakes, and beautiful waterfalls making it one of the beautiful places to visit in Slovakia. Couples can visit the Dobšinská Ice Cave, one of the beautiful caves located in Slovakia or hike a trail along the majestic river canyonPrielom Hornádu’ where you can spend well deserved time with your beloved.


Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

The beautiful city of ‘Žilina’ is located the North-western part of Slovakia and known among the most romantic places in Slovakia. The romantic city is located on the banks of the Váh River, where it is the meeting point of the Kysuca, Rajčanka and Váh rivers. The blissful city offers a beautiful view of the picturesque countryside since it is located near to the Strážov Mountains Protected Landscape Area. The city comprises of garden lined with colourful flowers where couples can soak in the beautiful scenery and click memorable pictures.

Orava Castle

Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

The medieval castle is the most majestic and the beautiful castle in all of Slovakia. The elusive castle was built in the thirteenth century and is hidden among the peaks of the following National parks – Veľká Fatra, Malá Fatra, High Tatras and Low Tatras. You and your beloved can recreate your fairy-tale in the Orava castle by visiting Castle Chapel or the Knights’ Room decked in periodic style beauty and is considered as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Slovakia.

Ochtinska Aragonite Cave

Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

As couples, do you want to catch up the rarest of rare caves? Then you can head to Ochtinska Aragonite Cave which is classified as a UNESCO World heritage site and is one of the three rarest aragonite caves located in the World. You can walk through the cave to catch the clusters of white aragonite crystals that resemble a Milky Way and revel in its beauty with your better half. This should be among your must see places in Slovakia during your trip.

Slovak Technical Museum

Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

Is your beloved a geek or a tech savvy person who is interested in technology? Surprise them by planning a trip to the technical museum in Slovakia. Though the headquarters and exhibits are located at the main street in Kosice, there are many exhibits listed among the things to do in kosice for couples. The museum comprises various collections such as aircrafts, mining, chemistry, physics, electrical devices etc. to channel your beloved’s inner geek. Try to explore the most of the places including the Slovak Technical Museum during your trip.

Spis Castle

Most Romantic Places in Slovakia

The majestic Spis castle was the centre of administrative, political, cultural and economic capabilities. Couples who are fascinated by historical sites can plan a romantic trip to the Spis Castle Slovakia to explore the marvellous Gothic and Romanesque architecture. Explore the castle ruins with your beloved and revel in the beauty of the castle. You can lie on the castle grounds and watch the clouds passing over the beautiful castle flanked by majestic mountains, a moment which can be cherished forever.

Slovakia offers numerous romantic spots which are not flocked by hordes of tourists. Whether you are planning to propose, roping romantic hints for your lover or just happy spending time with them then you can head to Slovakia to soak in the romance and revel in its beauty.