Mandalay Beach, Western Australia

          Secluded from the rest of the world, Mandalay Beach is also one of the peaceful and lonely beaches worth visiting. The white sand, blue water, hills and rocks around, and green mountain-view from various angles give such a spectacular landscape, that it makes Mandalay¬†among the best beaches in Australia. Mandalay […]

Whitehaven Beach

          A sure to be seen Island, Whitehaven beach is an extraordinary combination of crystal clear blue waters along the stretch of 7 Kms to walk, and tides at various spots to facilitate sports and aquatic views. There isn’t just one side to enjoy the beauty of the beach, but many. […]

Cable Beach

        Need a change with a view of the beach, but not just clean water and sand is what you look for? Try out Cable beach this weekend and this would surely be one of the most unexpected experiences you would have ever had. What additional could you do with the cable […]

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