Cable Beach

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Need a change with a view of the beach, but not just clean water and sand is what you look for? Try out Cable beach this weekend and this would surely be one of the most unexpected experiences you would have ever had. What additional could you do with the cable coast? You may ride a camel and enjoy the ride at the edge of the sea, enjoying the view of the sunrise and the sunset. This beach is a 22-Km long coastline, listed one among the best beaches in Australia as per the reviewers of Western Australia tourism. So, if you live in some part of the Western Australia, and are confused about the things you can do this boring looking weekend, there are so many things you can do if Cable beach could be considered.

Your shopping experience would not be ordinary either, with the South Sea pearls gone famous around here. The city has got a history with the pearls along with a rich historical culture, in case you might be interested to check out other things to do in Broome. Turquoise water, clear sand, and a long stretch to enjoy a walk, the Cable makes a great place for your romantic getaways. Get going to roll over with the swimming, surfing, beach combing and other fun things at the beach. To those who worry about proper stay at the beach, Hamilton Island accommodation and various Port Douglas resorts would not leave you with that worry for long. Enjoy the beauty of the beach along with the luxury of the resorts and the proud history of the city.