Vacation at Monterrico beach Guatemala

One of the favourite places to vacation in Central America is the Monterrico Beach of Guatemala. Vacation at Monterrico beach is a volcanic black sanded beach where we can find a wide range of sea turtles nesting and laying eggs. The Guatemala City is popular mainly because of the local sea turtle as well as the […]

Livingston beach

Livingston beach is a Caribbean coastal town in Izabal Department, Guatemala. On the way from Rio Dulce and Livingston you can witness a variety of birds. While travelling on the way to Livingston, guatemala you can also experience the beautiful rainforest on both the banks and see a species of cow called manatee, iguanas, unique jungle […]

Champerico beach

Champerico town and port is situated in the southwestern region of Guatemala. Champerico Guatemala is one of the country’s major ports on the Pacific and handles coffee, sugar and timber. The dark sand beach in Champerico Beach is very impressive for its scale, but sometimes there can be rough waves that are dangerous. This is […]

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