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Best Beaches in Istanbul

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Istanbul is a beautiful city in a location where thousands of tourists throng around the year to experience the exotic environment of Turkey. The main attractions are the twenty-plus beaches in Istanbul, each glowing with its own beauty which appeals to people across the globe. One can never visit too many of best Istanbul beaches and it takes more than one trip to complete Istanbul sightseeing. Un-spoilt by rampant development, the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey has indeed done a remarkable job of maintaining the beaches and preserving the natural beauty along with the modernized glamour. Here is a compiled list of the best beaches in Istanbul:

Burc Beach

Best Istanbul beaches

This never-ending beach is located on the land which is owned by the University of Bogazici. The Burc Beach, Istanbul has everything one could ever want on a beach and among Best Istanbul beaches. Beautifully maintained and decorated with umbrellas, and good music playing all the time, time passes by very quickly here. There are lots of activities to indulge in such as sea catamarans, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and volleyball courts for the adventurous tourists. For the more laid-back ones, there is a restaurant and bar serving exotic dishes and expertly-blended drinks to be enjoyed. Burc beach also hosts the annual World Championship of Kite-surfing. The beach is open all days of the week from 09:00 am to 09:30 pm with 30 Turkish Lira (TL) per person on weekdays and 40 TL on weekends.

Heybeliada Beach

Best Istanbul beaches

Heybeli is Istanbul’s second-largest island having narrow beaches, pine forests, late 19th century architecture, beach-front promenade whose beauty is multiplied by the absence of motor vehicles. Tourists can hire bicycles or rent horse-driven carriages to go about the city and/or visit the beach. Alman Koyu in Heybeliada is a famous beach with a nature park in close proximity which is ideal for nature-lovers. Being far from the main city it is almost always quiet but Sundays get crowded. It also among the Best Istanbul beaches.

Buyukada Beach

Best Istanbul beaches

The Buyukada Island is the largest of the Prince Islands in Turkey and it is a quaint little town rich in the Ottoman Culture. Buyukada has its own share of beaches, most being public with minimal entry fee of 3-5 TL. There are facilities such as restaurants, small eateries and even washrooms. Due to the rocky nature of most parts of the beaches, wire mesh fences have been put up but one can go down to the beach through intermediate openings for a quick dip in the cool waters. If you swim out of the shore, you can notice tiny islands within swimming distance which are also worth a visit. There are also a number of picnic spots along the beaches which is economical since the restaurants seem to charge very high rates to the tourists!

True Blue Beach

Best Istanbul beaches

One of the best beaches in Istanbul, the True Blue Beach draws hordes of tourists every year with its spectacular view and tons of other attractions to b enjoyed. The Suada Beach Club is world-renowned for its unique swimming pool. There are good restaurants, hotels and bars right on the beach which caters to the people who want to enjoy either an activity-filled day, or a quiet lazy evening watching the beautiful sunset or a lively night of live performances. The sandy beach with the clear blue waters is among the best Turkish beaches.

Marmara Beach

Best Istanbul beaches

Not around the main city, the Marmara Beach is a bit further and one of the beaches close to Istanbul. Situated on the Marmara Sea, the beach is seldom visited by tourists since it usually does not fall within the itinerary but if visited, one can enjoy the isolation and the quietness of the atmosphere. The gentle lapping of the clear waters against the rocky-sandy beach is indeed music to the ears in contrast to the busy docks and ferries nearby. This romantic nook in Istanbul is to be loved and enjoyed by those who are escaping their busy lives and ant to give time a small break.

Sile Beach

Best Istanbul beaches

A small sleepy village about 70 kilometer from Istanbul is the perfect to visit on a day trip away from the bustling city. Only an hour drive from Istanbul, located on the Black sea, Sile has clean long beaches from where the view overlooking the sea has a certain calming effect. The lighthouse here is the second-largest in Europe and is one of the main attractions along the beach road. Chilly in winter but cozy and warm in Summer, Sile Beach is a weekend getaway for may Istanbulians and one of the Best Istanbul beaches.

Caddebostan Beach

Best Istanbul beaches

Located in Kadikoy, Istanbul along the Marmara Sea, this beach was reopened after being closed for almost 40 years. With sun stretchers, changing rooms, toilets with showers and small food stalls the Caddebostan beach is one of the few free beaches which draws tourists and locals alike especially in the evenings.

Golden Beach, Istanbul

Best Istanbul beaches

Located in Rumelishisari, the meeting place of the Black sea and the Marmara Sea. A popular tourist destination in Istanbul, the Golden Beach is filled with Bars, snack kiosks. It is regarded one of the best beaches near Istanbul. Those willing to spend the night can put up in the boutique hotels and catch a quick midnight swim in the waters since the beach is open late into the night.

Dalia Beach, Istanbul

Best Istanbul beaches

Located in Demircokoy cove, the Dalia Beach is another favourite with the tourists whose ideal day on the beach is one to relax and unwind and experience tranquility. The blend of the green with the golden makes this spot one of the best beach in Turkey. There are also numerous activities for the adventure-lovers including paddleboats, canoes, volley ball courts and also surfing. Restaurants and bars have carefully designed a menu to suit the ambience and weather perfectly.

Kilyos Beach, Istanbul

Best Istanbul beaches

Turkish beaches has the distinction of being the most cleanest and well-maintained beached of the world and Kilyos beach is the perfect example to site. Sandy beach, comfortable yet elegant lodges along with camping areas make the beach a must-visit spot for any. It welcomes families as well as groups o friends looking for a fun evening or a couple staying for a romantic beach-time. Kilyos beach has it all. Summers see the beach packed with people while the cold and rugged weather of winter witness only passionate travelers looking for a spot of adventure.

Prince Islands, Turkey

Best Istanbul beaches

The Prince islands or Aladar are an archipelago off the coast of Istanbul in the Marmara sea. Consisting of a total of nine islands, this cluster has a number of beaches to be enjoyed. The ‘big island’, Istanbul  or the Buyukada island is among the nine. Since no private motor vehicles are allowed on any of these islands, pollution is to a minimal level and the culture and serene beauty is well-preserved by the government. The beaches of Prince Island Istanbul are also attractive and on any summer day, they are packed with tourists from all over the world. One can enjoy a quiet private beach time or indulge in the many activities the  Prince islands in Turkey have to offer or even have a wild time in the nightclubs, sipping on exotic cocktails.

Solar Beach

Best Istanbul beaches

The largest private beach of Turkey, the Solar beach has an air club house with small food counters selling kebabs and other fast foods. A number of other cafes and bars adorn the beach. With endless water activities, live performances, concerts, this beach indulges anyone from the time they set foot inside. Kids club, sunbathing terraces, chaise lounges, dressing rooms and a number of other facilities make this undoubtedly the best beach in Istanbul. Entry fee is at 15 TL on weekdays and 25 TL on weekends. The beach is open daily from 09:00 am to 09:30 pm.

Florya Beach

Best Istanbul beaches

Florya beach, Istanbul is one of the most sandy beaches in Turkey. there are arranged rows of stretcher chairs with umbrellas which maybe hired per hour. There are also snack bars with excellent services. The beach is very clean despite being packed to its full capacity on any summer day. The white sand against the cool blue waters is a sight for sore eyes in contrast to the hustle of the city life.

Nonstop beach

Best Istanbul beaches

This Istanbul beach at Kilyos also has rows of beach chairs arranged though less in number than in Florya beach. But the ongoing activities such as kite-boarding, beach volley ball, windsurfing, catamaran sailing and surfing are the main attractions of this Istanbul beach. Concerts, beach parties and live performances on some evenings are simple icing on the cake.

Suma Beach Club

Suma Beach Club

This is another private beach on the shores of Black Sea. The beach along with the nearby forest provides a perfect background for parties for anyone looking for a lively nightlife in Istanbul. The electronic dance music along with succulent traditional Turkish cuisine and wicked drinks make for an evening of fun and frolic around 30-40 minutes out of the city. Some prefer this beach club to the other best Turkish beaches because of the young crowd and the high spirit which it entails every night.

This list comprises of the top beaches in Turkey. However, one can find many other small beaches along the coast which provides equal facilities to the tourists. Some are more private than others while others are mostly crowded which provides for the diverse options for travelers. Any beach in Istanbul can be reached by public transport or by bicycles which can be rented. It is best to have some kind of a guide such as a map or a mobile application to guide you to the beaches. Since turkey is a country that thrives mostly on tourism, the industry is very well managed and tourists are always welcome here!

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