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Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

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Who doesn’t like a beach holiday, yet need to know most dangerous holiday destinations? The sun, sand, radiations …hang on, what is that last part? Yes, seems like some beaches are there that are not idyllic and you need to know dangers on the beach. Whether your specific phobia is jellyfish, shark bites, most dangerous waves or being kidnapped, just don’t worry – here is the list of Most Dangerous Beaches in the World to avoid visiting!

North Sentinel in Andaman Islands

North Sentinel Island falls under jurisdiction of India technically, but it is independent effectively, as the natives of this island have never submitted it to other authority. It is one of the dangerous beaches in India. Actually, they verge on unfriendly, which might create a problem if you’re hoping to check the reef formations which lie nearby. The Sentinelese are approximately completely unknown – clearly, they’ve a special name for them than the “Sentinelese” but nobody in this world has any ideas what that may be. One thing is sure – they don’t like the outsiders and are dangerous. Therefore, this beach is counted as the deadliest beach in the world.

Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

New Smyrna Beach in Florida

Gansbaai might be the world’s biggest White Shark capital in the world; however, aren’t you wondering as to where Shark Bite capital is? Well, this honor goes to Florida’s New Smyrna Beach, among the most dangerous beaches in Florida. Out of 112 global shark attacks in the year 2007, 17 occurred at Smyrna. Next year, 24 were there. It’s mainly a great party town for the sharks making it the most dangerous sea in the world and among worst beaches in Florida.

Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

Heard Island in Antarctica

This is the third Most Dangerous Beaches in the World. This beach can get an ultimate surfing experience for you, if you live the cold here. Heard Island is known to be made up of giant volcano called Big Ben and it’s owned by Australia, however is a world far from Aussie surf paradise, since it’s covered by ice permanently and is therefore the coldest and most dangerous sea in the world. It’s also a very long way far from any type of help, 4,100 km southern west of Perth, closer to Antarctica. It’s another natural lovely spot, but carries extremely real risks of hypothermia and considered among dangerous beaches in Australia.

Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai

Among dangerous beaches in India, similar to Gansbaai, there is somebody working very hard in the tourists’ office to endorse this Chowpatty beach. But there’s a lot more action which can be seen in the evening, children screaming on Ferris wheel, wayside astrologers making quick bucks. Maybe not so striking! And then, certainly there’s its status as one among the most polluted and deadly beaches of the world, with water full of harmful matter and dangerous creatures near beaches.

Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

Kilauea in Hawaii

One among the main things that you need at a beach holiday is heat and dangers at the beach. Lying down on the beach while it’s chilly is quite disappointing, truly. So in a few ways, going to a beach over an active volcano can be perfect. However there’s a clear downside, in the shape of the risks of death. However, if you don’t care much about these things, then Kilauea beach worth a visit at least which is known among dangerous beaches in Hawaii. The volcano is erupting constantly since January 3, 1983, thus there’s little possibility of catching on any “off” day and this is a stunning natural phenomenon, but from a distance.

Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

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