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List of Best Adult Beaches in the World

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Best adult beaches in the world

For a significant majority of people around the world, the word summer, spelled backwards is ‘beach’. Families, friends, couples all throng to the beach for summer vacations and all it offers. For couples without kids, ideal beach destination are the nude beaches over the world for a fun (and naughty) time. Though in some parts of the world clothing optional beaches are unthinkable, such adult vacations are quite common in other places. For a romantic travel, numerous beach have the mist ideal honeymoon spots for couples willing to shed to enjoy. But don’t be misled by the phrase ‘beaches for couples only’ since these beaches are open to anyone looking for more “naturalist holidays”! Bachelors and spinsters also look forward to clothing optional vacations where they can unwind without inhibitions and enjoy the sun. Below is a list of the top nude beaches and the best couples vacations all around the globe:

Plakias Beach, Plakias, Crete, Greece

Best adult beaches in the world

Located around the Eastern edge of the country, the Plakais beach is a nude beach which draws a number of couples for a romantic travel On an average summer day, the beach is crowded with people lazing about or trying the world-class water sports this couple beach has to offer or simply taking a stroll along the foot of the cliffs which overlook the beach. There are plenty of showers, changing rooms, beach chairs fitted with umbrellas for tourists to enjoy the seamless tan without getting sun burnt.

Grande Saline, St. Bart’s, Caribbean

Best adult beaches in the world

St. Barthelemy is not an officially-declared place for nudity but that does not stop tourists from taking off their clothes and enjoying a dip in the ocean in bare minimums. Shy people are advised not to tread near the beach and gawking at the unclothed beauties is considered unethical. But if you are in for a nice walk along the clothing-optional beach or fancy a long swim with no extras, this is the beach to be! Check out other beaches in Caribbean.

Playa El Agua, Margarita Island, Venezuela

Best adult beaches in the world

Renowned as the most picturesque sexy beach on margarita island, for the beautiful view, this beach is a perfect place to unwind and de-stress. This beach has everything from shady pine trees, restaurants, hotels and all-night parties- all to be enjoyed topless! Among the best beach vacation spots of the world, the Playa El Agua offers the visitors class mixed with the nativity of the region.

Le Centro Hélio Marin, Montalivet, France

Best adult beaches in the world

The two beaches, 1 and 2 offer the tourists the best place to go nude. For the reserved ones, they are actually requested to shed their clothes and enjoy the beach in all its bareness! Established way back in 1950, this is probably the oldest and still it is still among the top-class honeymoon locations.

UFO Beach, South Padre Island, Texas, United States

Best adult beaches in the world

Though not officially a cloth-optional beach, this beach is the best place to work on your tan. Do not feel shy to take off your clothes as that is what you will find all around! A main attraction for college-goers, the festivals and parties draw the young in crowds for a fun beach vacation. The eccentric buoy, young beach goers with unlimited parties make this among the best beach vacations in the US.

Gunnison Beach, Middletown, New Jersey, United States

Best adult beaches in the world

This beach is only a few miles from New York City where residents and tourists alike go to unwind and how! Considered among the best nude East Coast Beaches, Gunnison Beach offers the people an unrestricted access to go topless. The well-toned guides, both male and female, are readily available to make you shed your inhibitions (and clothes) to take a swim in the warm waters or simple get a tan.

Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida, United States

Best adult beaches in the world

Among the few government-run nude beaches in the United States, Haulover Beach is a favourite among the ones who want to enjoy a nice private time in the open. The luxury shops, all year-round warmth and the cool blue water are the main sources of attraction at the best beach destination in Florida.

Couples swept Away, Jamaica

Best adult beaches in the world

One of the most expensive couples beach, this clothing-optional beach is fully equipped with a resort, palm trees, hammocks and lined with chairs for the laid-back couples with big pockets. Make sure to pack the least number of clothes, though because the best way to relax is by going topless. Instead, fill your bags with sunblock lotions and the best bikinis and flaunt your well-toned assets! For tourists wanting to travel in Jamaica, one should not miss the Couple sans Souci resort at the other end of the island. With the best wedding services, it remains among the top romantic destinations and is a great travel idea for couples on a honeymoon.

Plage de Tahiti, Saint Tropez, France

Best adult beaches in the world

Fully-nude beach, swanky resorts, beach chairs, food stalls- nothing else is needed for an ideal beach getaway with the significant other or even friends in the exotic Saint Tropez. Established around 50 years ago, this beach has only got better with time with tourists thronging to the beach to enjoy a tan or a swim sans clothes for adult vacations.

Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica

Best adult beaches in the world

Going perfectly with the name, this beach has it all and a little too much. Nudity, drugs, alcohol tend to be the basic norm of this happening beach in Jamaica. Sounds straight out of a Hollywood movie? It looks the same too! For the free-spirited and non-judgmental people, it is a kids-free beach and a haven for the party souls!

Praira Do Pinho, Cambori, Brazil

Best adult beaches in the world

The first nude beach in Brazil, here nudity is not a choice but an obligation! Clothed people are stared at while nobody blinks twice if you are bare-skinned. Beach sports such as volleyball are an added attraction along with the numerous bars and camp places. Babes and dudes from all over the world visit the beach all summer and fun is unlimited where boldness meets beach!

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada

Best adult beaches in the world

Do not get confused by the name for this beach is certainly the opposite of a wreck! Among the other USA tourist attractions, this 7 km long beach is clothing optional and this section is clearly demarcated. Debauchery of all kinds is prevalent here with alcohol and marijuana so be sure to take cash and not clothes!

Red Beach, Crete, Greece

Best adult beaches in the world

For nature-lovers, this naturist beach is the perfect place to visit. The scenic beauty comprising cliffs, mountains, caves, old ruins along with the beach offers everyone a most relaxing time. Added attraction: the beach is peppered with nude men and women- a sight for the sore eyes!

Abrico beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Best adult beaches in the world

This official nude beach was opened in 2003 and tourists and naturalists have never stopped visiting the beach since then. Crowed all year round with the warm climate making for the best foundation to shed clothes, the Abrico beach is a landmark destination for people choosing to travel light!

Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Best adult beaches in the world

Located on the southern end of the island of Hawaii, this clothing-optional beach is not officially declared but naturalists and nude sunbathers can be spotted freely enjoying their summer tan. Added attractions include surfing, whale watching, body surfing, and the good old swimming, making this feature among the best beach getaways in Hawaii. Being on one of the most-visited beach islands in the world, the beach is quite popular among the young willing to strip off and enjoy!

There are no shortages of romantic beaches  in the world and every such beach has the same thing to offer the beach couples. It is very difficult to pin-point the best beach in the world as different people have different tastes. The above list is a compilation of the best adult beaches but it is definitely not exhaustive. A nude beach might seem very enticing with all the various attractions and eye-candies but there are a few tips to be kept in mind before visiting a clothing-optional beach-

  • Clothing-optional does not mean clothing-free. You should at least carry some minimal garments to be worn on the way to the beach and back to avoid suspicious glares on the roads or transport.
  • Sun bathing can be fun but only when a sun block or sunscreen lotion is your best buddy. Sun burns can turn your glowing skin very ugly and itchy and spoil the rest of your vacation.
  • Nude beaches are indeed an attraction but you must visit only if you are willing to strip yourself and not simply stare about. Gazing at naked people is not something that is welcomed! Be a sport.
  • Many beaches are semi-nude and make sure to have full information before shedding your clothes so as not to attract the moral police.

Finally, after keeping these in mind, book your tickets to any of these sexy beaches and flaunt if you dare!

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