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Most Romantic Places in Brazil

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No place in the world shouts ‘perfect romantic honeymoon’ like Brazil. From picturesque crystal-clear waters to the striking rain forests of the Amazon, from chilling around to see the spectacular sunsets to participating in adventurous jungle hike, Brazil has a lot to offer. Newly-weds prefer this particular destination as it is not only attractive but surreal. The most romantic places in Brazil also come within a decent budget.

Swanky resorts and romantic cruises are the ultimate getaway for couples who which to spend some quality time together and enjoy a cosy yet entertaining holiday. The beauty and passion of the place itself will bring out the best in your partner and intensify the love and fondness between the both of you. So visit the stunning South American country of Brazil with your loved one and have an unforgettable experience with incredible food, friendly people and picturesque locations. Here is a list of the most romantic places to explore in Brazil:

Rio de Janeiro

Most Romantic Places in Brazil

When talking about enjoying exotic beaches, beautiful natural scenes and irresistible samba music, Rio is the first place that pops in mind in best places to visit in Brazil for couples. Rio is one of the most iconic destinations in Brazil and the vibe and cosiness there is indisputable. The place is perfect for couples as one can stroll around and relax in the picturesque beaches with clear turquoise waters, white plain sand and a serene view of the mountains. Beaches such as Copacabana or Barra de Tijuca are common beach honeymoon destinations. Nature-loving couples, looking out for an adventurous trip can also go for hikes and excursions. Tijuca Forest is one of the largest rainforest in the world. The nature-driven couples can plump for hikes which include idle walks around the greenery and moderately difficult climbs.

Amazon Rainforest

Most Romantic Places in Brazil

One of the best holiday destinations in Brazil include the renowned Amazon rainforest where couples can go cruising through the Amazon rainforest which presents the wild and spectacular greenery around. During the night the couples can rest in the exotic jungle with some wine or champagne and the local cuisine prepared by the locals themselves using home-grown vegetables. The trip to Amazon will remain etched in one’s mind for eternity; such is the beauty of the place. A luxurious outing may also include cruising and kayaking in the river before receding to one’s boat in the evening. In all, it is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Brazil.

Lençóis Maranhenses

Most Romantic Places in Brazil

The vast and scenic national park in located in the north of Brazil and is deemed to be one of the best places to go for honeymoon in Brazil for a romantic getaway. It is made up of white sand beaches, freshwater pools and sand dunes. Couples may trek across the desert or relax in the freshwater pools. A slightly exclusive budget may also offer helicopter rides to get a superb aerial view of the place.

Fernando de Noronha

Most Romantic Places in Brazil

The volcanic archipelago is situated in the north-eastern coast of Brazil and the best part is that the best beaches in Brazil are located here. The rich marine diversity ranks it as one of the best beach honeymoon destinations. With the dramatic rocky formations and clear turquoise waters, the place spills romance in every corner. The beauty of the place is such that it looks straight out of an exotic movie. Lazy strolls, sunbathing and dolphin and turtle spotting with one’s partner are one of the best ways to spend a honeymoon vacation. Many romantic restaurants are nestled in the area offering a wide range of drinks and dining.

Iguazu Falls

Most Romantic Places in Brazil

Nestled in the border of Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazu Falls offer one of the most breathtaking views in all of South America for honeymoon places. It is among the largest waterfalls of the world and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Locally known as Foz do Iguaçu, it is a collection of hundreds of waterfalls which are easily accessible as couples can walk over the boundaries of the falls or take a boat for a close view which is equally enthralling. However, other activities involved are trekking and exploring the wildlife such as monkey spotting and numerous colourful and atypical birds and butterflies.


Most Romantic Places in Brazil

The place is one of the most popular romantic couple getaways in Brazil. It is the definitive destination for couples who wish to enjoy the luxuries and the comforts of resorts and chill around beaches. The place offers glamorous beaches and resorts which are world-famous. As popularly known by locals, Floripa is an elegant destination with lavish places for shopping and dining. An additional brownie point of this place is that it is situated near Rio de Janeiro and the other honeymoon destinations.

Morro de Sao Paulo

Most Romantic Places in Brazil

The ideal island honeymoon destination for couples offers great restaurants, energetic bars and large number of boutique shops. Couples can take beach strolls or lounge on the white sand. The town is situated around 60 kilometres off the coast of Salvador which is famous for its remarkable old cathedrals and colonial churches and is also considered as one of the beautiful places to see in Brazil. The sunset here is idyllic and is a must watch for romantic couples. The ones looking for some adventure can go kayaking and surfing in the deep beautiful blue sea.


The list of best locations is too long to contain the beauty of Brazil. The colonial town of Paraty, Salvador, Santa Teresa and the beautiful Minas Gerias are other places which are a must-see in Brazil. Brazil also nestles iconic luxurious and elite hotels and resorts which offer a wide range of hospitalities. The exquisiteness of such places cannot be described in words and can be understood only when experienced. Therefore, for your exotic honeymoon choose this country and enjoy the trip of a lifetime in the most romantic places of Brazil.

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