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Bel Air Beach

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Bel Air Beach

Guinea is a country located in West Africa. The capital of Guinea is Conakry. Guinea consists of some of the most unexplored places in the world. The economy of Guinea depends on tourism. It has a lot to offer to all its tourists. People from around the world visit Guinea to enjoy the country’s rich natural deposits and have a good time with their friends and family. Some of the best places to visit in Guinea are Mount Nimba in Gbakore, Grand Mosquee de Conakry in the capital city of Conakry, and Fouta Djallon for trekking and Cape Verga.  There are a number of beaches in guinea like the ones in Loos Island, are Blanche, Cabris and Corallie to include some. Capre Verga offers the tourist Guinne best Beaches. Bel Air and Sobana are the most popular beaches here. Once you reach Conakry, you need to hire a vehicle to reach Capre Verg. The vehicles are easily available and affordable.  Around 225 km away from the city of Conakry, close to the Boffa area, Bel Air is located. It is a beautiful place to spent time in.

Things to do at Bel Air Beach:

Bel Air Beach

Bel Air Beach is a 7 km stretch of silver. It is a paradise for those who love beaches. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Guinea due to the amazing weather and clear blue water. This beach has a lot to offer to its tourist. You can enjoy your time lying under the sun and chatting with your friends and family. You can even enjoy water sports like surfing and paragliding. There are a number of restaurants and cafes located close to the beach where you can get a taste of the local food.

Other Attractions:

Close to the Bel Air beach, Boffa town is located. You can enjoy your day off chilling beside River Pongo.

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