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Cote Mondaine Beach

Cote Mondaine Beach

Visiting Africa? Need a list of places to visit? Here we go. First things first, decide where and when do you wish to travel. Check the weather predictions of that place and the best time to visit the place. If you are going at the same time, well and good or you can postpone or prepone your trip accordingly if possible. African continent has a cool and dry weather during April to September. So it is recommended that people visit the continent at that point of time. Moving in the center of the continent, the republic of Congo or popularly known as Congo Republic is a good place to visit. One of the famous beaches in Congo is Cote Mondaine Beach.Cote Mondaine Beach has white sand.

Things to do at Cote Mondaine Beach

Cote Mondaine Beach

Congo beaches are famous for its coast and the white sand. The beach is located near Ndili which is a town in Kouilou. The people at the beach usually pass off their time surfing, walking or running by the shore, spending their time with friends or family and having fun their kids. Usually couples are seen spending their best parts of their life. They hang out at beach and spend their evenings.


Usually people visit the Congo’s best beaches but apart from that they do visit other attractions. They spend their time at Tchikoba, a lake in the area, Baie de Pointe-Noire, a bay, Tchimpounga, a lake again and yooulo another lake. The people usually visit these different lakes, lift themselves by boating in the soothing and clear water, visit the other bars and clubs and have a better evening spent well with the near and dear ones. Another spot where people do visit is Pointe Noire which is a high point. The beauty lies in the laps of this place. The Bois d’Amour is a forest where people do take a visit and enjoy.

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