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Samal Island

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Samal Island

Found on the edge of Davao del Norte, Philippines, is maybe the most beautiful Davao tourist spots- Samal Island. This island is settled at Southern Philippines and is spotted in the Asia-pacific edge. The island offers energizing peculiarities that immaculate white sand and unadulterated crystalline blue water. The Island of Samal, also known as the ‘island Garden City of Samal’, offers one of the best sunset views in Philippines.

Main Attractions:

  • Mamacao spring : The delightful spot called Mamacao Spring is lavish with little fixes of green woodland encompassing it. Downstream it flourishes Nipa plants that look like sentries bravely guarding the springs. Some exotic species of ducks and mallards could be found here along with parrots, owls and falcons.
  • Dap-ags : “Dap-ags” are the most astonishing star-fish in thousands of shapes and colours. They are very sensitive to human touch and grow firm when touched.  The sight of vivid dap-ags embellishing the shores of Samal will doubtlessly make each one visit beneficial.
  • Diving at Samal beach is an entire year round movement done especially around Talicud Island. Its unspoiled plunge spots have pulled in crowds of jumpers originating from better places in the nation
  • Mountain Climbing has turned into the most loved game particularly by great games beaus.
  • The island’s unexpected street landscape cutting crosswise over slopes of fluctuated heights, makes mountain biking an action one would relish to encounter.
  • Motocross competitions are routinely held in the island. Its landscapes offer the best venue for motocross rivalries.
  • Caracoles Festival, Kabasan Festival, Regatta Festival, Pangapog Festivals are celebrated throughout the year in which visitors can enjoy the local culture, dances, and food of Samal island Philippines.

Samal Island

The accommodation rates are sensible. Resorts and inns charge an exceptionally negligible sum for those that are solid enough to stay outdoors in the open. Additionally, there are direct flights available from Singapore or you can fly domestic to Davao city.


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