Most romantic beaches in the Philippines

The Philippines lies in the southeast part of the world and is surrounded by the ocean. Tagalog people inhabit most of the country followed by Bisaya and Cebuano people. The Philippines is ethnically diverse and it could be because it was a colony for the Portuguese as well. Ancient monuments and a diverse environment make […]

Amazing Facts about Cebu You Didn’t Know

They say that Cebu is the city you’ll want to visit again since you may not always get enough of it. It has so much to offer, and yet you’ll still want another trip and another one and even another one. So, what are some of the fantastic cultures, histories, and scenic beauties that this […]

Puerto Galera Beach

Puerto Galera beach, in Philippines, is a mitigating vision of shining oceans encompassed by lavish mountains. It is viewed as a stand out amongst the most wonderful and created shoreline resort groups in the nation. Bit by bit inclining beaches with the powdery white sand and crystal clear water has what named Puerto Galera the […]

Samal Island

Found on the edge of Davao del Norte, Philippines, is maybe the most beautiful Davao tourist spots– Samal Island. This island is settled at Southern Philippines and is spotted in the Asia-pacific edge. The island offers energizing peculiarities that immaculate white sand and unadulterated crystalline blue water. The Island of Samal, also known as the […]

Palaui Island

Those who are looking to spend their vacation in total seclusion among the green mountains and miles long blue ocean, then this Philippine paradise is definitely you’re calling. Located in the northeastern part of Cagayan valley, Palaui Island has breathtaking views and a serene ambience. A year ago, its shorelines were positioned by the US-based […]

El Nido Beach

El Nido beach is a beach front settlement on the Philippines island of Palawan. It involves 45 islands and islets; and limestone bluffs are likewise found here. El Nido is a mainstream attraction for local people amid the long occasions of Holy Week and which, up to this point, has been moderately obscure to remote […]

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