Most Romantic Places in Albania

If you are tired of Googling the most romantic places on earth, stop right there and visit Albania. Not easily found in media, this country has many hidden jewels for the ones ready to explore. Based in Central Europe, Albania is blessed with nature’s best coastline, mountains, and picturesque terrains. It is a place for couples who are looking for a non-commercial holiday. A holiday wherein they both get to know each other better without the hustle of a typically scheduled tour. In Albania, you can find the peace, complemented by scenic views and perfect locations to give lovers their deserved timeout together, from the world.

In 2018, Albania has been rated as one of the best places to visit by National Geographic magazine. This rating was based on research around finding a place that has a perfect blend of being a city, culturally rich and naturally beautiful. It also tops the list of a must-visit place for the eco-tourists of today. This small country is perfectly situated between the Adriatic and Ionian coastline giving it the best of the cultural vibe of urban Europe and the lazy relaxed vibes of the Mediterranean. Situated just 3 hours by flight from London, there are many local European couples, backpacking here for a perfect weekend getaway.

So, if you want to explore the most romantic places in Albania, read on;


Most romantic places in Albania

Theth is a beautiful mountain village located in the Albanian Alps. It tops the list of honeymoon destinations in Albania with its stunning peaks, untouched forest and artistic churches. The journey to this village is an incredible one. You can approach the place from the hiking route of Valbona or drive along the winding roads of the Alps. Over the years, the cobalt streets have improvised into an asphalt road from Shkodra making this village highly accessible for the past couple of years.


Most romantic places in Albania
The city of Shkodar is closely located to Lake Skadar. This is the cultural capital of Albania inviting global tourists to indulge in their many events and experience the life of the locals. Events such as carnivals, lake days, the Children’s day festival and the famous Shkodar Jazz festival are open for tourists to participate in. Among the top places to visit in Shkodar is the Rofaza castle. The legendary story of this castle highlights the strength of a woman and her priorities for her baby when asked to be sacrificed to save the crumbling castle.


Most romantic places in Albania

This hustling bustling city of Saranda is a perfect place to bring back the insanity of a lively tourist destination. The waterfront promenade invites the lovers for a cozy day walk and transforms into a thriving clubhouse with loud music, lit up shops, street food vendors and a lot of people by night. One of the best places to visit in Saranda is the mesmerizing heritage site of Butrint whose structures are dated back to the 6th Century BC. Another must-visit place here is the Blue Eye Spring, a name given to a beautiful lake that has deep blue waters in the middle and dark sand bank giving it an impression of an iris in the eye.


Most romantic places in Albania
When Albania was a prime trading center in the Balkans Peninsula, Durres was its capital. Today, though Tirana is the official capital, many tourists visit Durres to experience the Mediterranean breeze along the beautiful Ionian coastline. Apart from the coastline, one of the top places to visit in Durres is an archaeological museum with structures and artifacts dated back to the ruling realms of Romans and Greeks. Just like the Colosseum, Durres also has its own architectural amphitheater that can be visited after an incredible hike across the Alps.  With such a vibrant vibe and impressive sites to see, Durres often hits the nerve for couples who are seeking most romantic places in Albania.


Most romantic places in Albania
Tirana is the capital of Albania, making it one of the prime locations in the country. The streets here are lined up with buildings developed by the communist activists back in the day and still operational. Reflecting upon the history of the European culture and the heritage of the Ottoman kingdom, the town adorns its vivid colored pedestrians and structures from that era. If you and your partner like to be immersed in history and cherish the days that were, you can find the traces of the great empires here in the incredible art galleries and museums. One of the famous places to visit in Tirana is the Bunk’Art which is technically a government bunk yard that hosts famous art installations. A place is so exclusive that artists from across the world try for months on end to get their art placed or published here.


Most romantic places in Albania
One of the most romantic places to visit in Albania is the town of Gjirokaster. This city is listed as a UNESCO heritage site making it a tourist destination for the people visiting Albania. When in Gjirokaste, a visit to the Castle is a must. Here you can visit the many rooms providing a distinct view of the cobbled street town on a valley.  In the castle, you can also visit the army room where real tanks and weapons are kept. You can experience the tanks from inside and feel, how the soldiers must have felt during the Soviet war. You can also hold the ammunition used by the army during the war and click pictures with it. This town is home to over 500 houses which are considered as cultural monuments and preserved by UNESCO.

There are many best places to visit in Albania apart from the ones listed above, such as the coastal city of Vlore, Kruje which is known as the home to the national hero Gjergj Skanderbeg, Butrint National Park, the sparkling waters of Himare and the most beautiful town of Berat. Albania is blessed with a rich history that gives an incredible cultural character to the country. So, you want to stand out from the herd who visits only the popular locations of Europe, visit Albania to experience a trip of a lifetime.