The Best Beaches in Portugal

Boasting a diverse coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal boasts some of Europe’s most enchanting beaches. From the golden sands of Porto Santo Island to the rugged beauty of Albufeira and the unspoiled shores of Lagos, Portugal’s beaches offer a variety of exciting beach experiences.

If you’re going to Portugal for a beach holiday and not sure which beach to visit, check out our guide for the best beaches in Portugal. Each beach on this list boasts a unique charm, luring beachgoers with its sun-kissed shores, crystal-clear waters, and the rich cultural tapestry that makes Portugal a premier beach destination.

1.      Praia Porto Santo, Porto Santo Island

Nestled on the picturesque Porto Santo Island in Madeira, Praia Porto Santo spans a breathtaking 9-kilometres of pristine golden sands, with the gentle embrace of crystal-clear waters and blessed with consistently pleasant temperatures. Undoubtedly, it stands as one of Portugal’s most enchanting beaches. This accolade was further validated in 2022 when Porto Santo Beach earned the prestigious title of the best beach in Europe, as awarded by European Best Destinations.

Exploring Porto Santo is like uncovering a landscape infused with the charm of rolling waves, immersing in the sheer clarity of its waters, and experiencing something fascinating. Health and well-being intertwine on the shores of Porto Santo beach, where the sands provide therapeutic properties, offering a serene sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

While most would come here to relax and take advantage of its therapeutic properties, Porto Santo is also ideal for taking long walks by the beach. There are plenty of bars and restaurants by the beach where you can enjoy drinks as you take a break from your walk.

If you’re seeking some thrills, try your hand at water sports, from jet skiing to snorkeling. Even at the peak of summer, beachgoers can always find a space to unfurl their towels and work on their tan.

2.      Praia do Magoito, Sintra

Praia do Magoito in Sintra is a popular beach destination for locals in the region and remains an undiscovered gem for tourists. Far from the touristy vibe, this coastal haven boasts a natural landscape of exceptional beauty.

The scenery at Praia do Magoito features compact dunes with a history dating back thousands of years, earning its classification as a geo-monument. Remarkably, these dunes preserve archaeological evidence of human activity from the Palaeolithic period. Moreover, the cliffs unveil sedimentary rocks formed millions of years ago, offering a captivating glimpse into an ancient era when sea levels exceeded their current heights.

The waves of Praia do Magoito attract bodyboarders and surfers, creating a vibrant atmosphere, while the beach remains a popular choice for families. Accessibility is a priority, facilitated by a convenient ramp that enables visitors with reduced mobility to enjoy the shoreline.

Adding to the charm of Praia do Magoito is a delightful beachfront restaurant offering scenic ocean views. On days with clear skies, the views extend to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of the Sintra Mountain Range on mainland Portugal, elevating your beach experience.

3.      Praia da Falesia, Albufeira

Nestled in the charming coastal city of Albufeira, Praia da Falésia is one of Portugal’s most stunning beaches, distinguished by its breathtaking red cliffs. Aptly named the “Beach of Cliffs,” this coastal gem is renowned as one of the premier beach destinations in the Algarve region. Its charm extends beyond typical beach enthusiasts, making it a must-visit destination for everyone, whether or not you have an affinity for the beach.

Praia da Falesia spans an impressive 6-kilometre stretch of golden sands, earning consistent acclaim as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Distinguished by the prestigious Blue Flag, this beach has two sections, each with unique charm – the enchanting western section with high, bright, red-coloured cliffs and the much wider eastern section.

While the beach can get crowded during the peak season, there’s enough space to accommodate everyone. Walk further from the main area to find a space to put on your towel and relax. Crowds thin out in the evening, giving you more privacy then. The delicate golden sands are soft and gentle on the skin, and the refreshing crystalline water makes Falesia Beach an ideal spot to relax, swim, and enjoy some water activities. Albufeira has some of Portugal’s most stunning villas, which combine modern luxury with timeless charm. A great way to wind down after a day at the beach.

4.      Praia de Odeceixe, Aljezur

Nestled at the crossroads of Algarve and Alentejo, Praia de Odeceixe unfolds gracefully at the estuary of the River Seixe, serving as the boundary between the two regions and painting a picturesque landscape with a verdant valley leading to the beach.

The expansive sandy beach, favoured by surfers, boasts excellent breaks around the river mouth. The northern section boasts steep, imposing cliffs that add to the beach’s dramatic allure.

Odeceixe Beach is a Blue Flag beach offering access to facilities, including beachside shops and cafes. It’s about 4km from Odeceixe village, with a road train running between them in summer.

Odeceixe Beach has shallow waters, making it well-suited for swimming. It’s also an ideal option for families, as smaller kids can paddle on the tranquil river side of the beach. Located 3.5km west of Odeceixe, the beach’ superb setting at a river mouth allows you to rinse the salt in fresh water.

5.      Praia Dona Ana, Lagos

As one of Portugal’s most enchanting beach destinations, Praia Dona Ana is a must-stop on your beach holiday. Nestled to the south of Lagos, it is surrounded by the limestone cliffs of the quaint Ponta da Piedade peninsula. This beach unfolds in a stunning natural setting, where the magnificently eroded cliffs create a striking contrast against the serene expanse of the sea and the soft, inviting sands.

Aside from admiring the breathtaking scenery, the beach has facilities for a more enjoyable and comfortable experience. There are showers, restaurants, shops, and everything you need for a relaxing beach day. Perfect for families, Praia Dona Ana has clean and calm waters, allowing for a safe and enjoyable bonding with the kids.

Praia Dona Ana is only a short, 20-minute walk from the historic centre of Lagos. There is also a tourist train, but most visitors prefer to walk to admire the views.