The Beautiful Sunsets on Beach

On a vacation and how can we forget Beautiful sunsets on beach-

One of the most amazing experiences in life is watching the sun disappear into the sea as the darkness plays its symphony. Imagine lying casually on the seashore, seeing the sun glide into the never ending waves as you sip in your favorite cocktail. There is something magical about beach sunsets that keep your eyes from wavering away that’s why it has been an inspiration to the poets and artist from generations. A few of the most beautiful sunsets on beach are:

Benirras, Ibiza

Beautiful sunsets on beach

Benirras is a grainy sand beach on Ibiza’s northwest coast with almost unbelievably clear water and known for most beautiful sunsets in the world.  The distinctive rock formation at the end of its bay is what makes it more attractive to the tourists. With the hippy bongo drummers bidding farewell to the sunset as it descends down the water, the beautiful beach sunset becomes a feast to the eyes and the Cap Bernat rock enhances the scenic pleasure to its fullest. There are private motor boats and yachts for couples to enjoy a romantic beach sunset with the beach surrounded by pine clad hills. It is a very popular spot for a family vacation because of its welcoming atmosphere, even the animals walk around like they own the beach!

How to reach there

You could travel comfortably via car following san Miguel signposts. Although the parking is limited, you could easily park your vehicle if you arrive early. Otherwise, a long walk towards the pebbly beach is something you should well expect.


La Jolla, San Diego

beautiful sunsets on beach

Famous by the nickname ‘The jewel’ of San Diego, La Jolla is one of the most popular beaches in California and known for best sunsets in the world. With a unique Mediterranean climate that never exceeds 90 degrees and never drops below 50 degrees, it is undoubtedly a hotspot for family vacations. The natural beauty and Mediterranean climate attracts the tourists to enjoy beautiful sunsets on beach.

Outdoor fun!

On one hand where you can enjoy surfing along the shores of La Jolla shores, it is also home to the dotted Torrey Pines Golf course and the Lounge at the Torrey Pines proving it to be ideal spot to enjoy outdoor activities. Also there are various hiking trails and a park along the dramatic coastline called Scripps Park where families can spend their weekends picnicking and spectacular Fourth of July fireworks.

Beautiful beach Sunset at La Jolla

La Jolla’s sunset is one of the most romantic sunsets in the world with its water turning a bright shade of orange as you watch peacefully holding the hand of your significant other.

Sunset Point, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Beautiful sunsets on beach

As the name suggests, Gili Trawagan’s sunset is famous for the fleeting moment when night and day swaps places and the sky is painted in a ting of yellow as the sun vanishes into the peaceful bohemian water. After striding along the beach for half an hour there are two popular sunset bars that can be reached via bike in 10 minutes where people gather up to have drinks while watching the sunset. This is an ideal place when looking for Beautiful sunsets on beach.

Sunset Beach Party

Gili Trawagan’s beach seems to come alive as the darkness takes over. As the sunsets behind the Bali’s Mount Agung, people party under the stars and have the time of their lives with the lively music grinding against their ears.

Cape Leveque, Western Australia

Beautiful sunsets on beach

This exotic paradise is rich with sparkling water and crimson cliffs that illuminate the beach during sunsets. This beautiful tropical beach sunset allures everyone’s heart in a way nothing else can.

Beach Camping

Cape Leveque is one of the many luxury camps owned by the Djarindjin and One Arm Point Aboriginal communities. Here you can enjoy the nature and its wilderness with your family. Beach camping is one of the features that differentiate it from other beaches. Immerse yourself in the Australian Outback and explore the reef at low tide. Even whales can be found from July to October if you are lucky enough to spot them!


If you are adventurous enough to make your own food during your camping session, you could grab a mud crab! Or catch a fish using your spear that you can learn making from the local Aboriginal guide on a bush tucker tour. Tropical fish, coral and much of the sea life could be seen through the crystal clear water of the beach.

Claigan Coral Beach

Beautiful sunsets on beach

This beach has been an inspiration for many poets as its serenity is unmatchable with pretty beach sunset you might love to see. When the sun sets into the water, the pink hue spreads along the peaceful shores. The beach is formed crushed white coral like seaweed that enhances its beauty to the infinity! A perfect location for family picnic, Coral Beach makes up for a great day out with your friends also and specially beautiful sunset over beach to end the day.

The walk towards the beach

Although it might take a little longer than normal to reach the beach by walking, the scenic beauty cannot be overlooked. A vast area of agricultural land and cattle making the mood villagish-! Even bulls can be seen, it’s a rare site though. The beach looks amazing in any weather but particularly during the half tide, it reflects a tropical sunset doubling the nature’s serenity.

There are many more breath taking beautiful sunsets on beach that can be visited by you and your family. All you need to do is, take out your old swim suit, slip in your favourite pair of floaters and let the crashing waves adore you to the very core as you watch this alluring natural beauty that never ceases to amaze the humanity. After a hectic day if you are single and feel lonely, try using chat room for singles and have some exciting time alone.